maandag 6 juni 2011

Comparison Color Club Magic Attraction and Hocus Pocus

Hello ladies!

Ever since I saw Hocus Pocus by Color Club I really needed to have it, because I thought it was even prettier than Magic Attraction which I already owned and loved. Someone on a forum also told me it was different. Well, I now own both and either I'm blind or it really is the same color.
I don't even remember on which finger I used either one of them.

I do still love both though! Hocus Pocus could be nice to bring on holiday because it's a baby bottle, so I'll keep both.

In these pics I used 2 coats. These two could never become opaque, but I still love the look of it. Drying time was amazingly fast by the way. I love that too.

Thanks for stopping by!

2 opmerkingen:

  1. I adore Magic Attraction (even bought a backup), but this is good to know in case I want to really stock up lol

  2. Ik heb alleen een kleine Hocus Pocus maar nu heb ik Magic Attraction toch ook nodig :P p.s. Ik heb je een mailtje gestuurd ;)