donderdag 29 september 2011

Nubar Knights Armor with Ozotic 530

Hi ladies!

Today I´ve got a duochrome glitter bomb for you. This is pretty awesome I can tell you. Most duochromes and duochrome glitters are layered over black. Since I still hadn´t used my Ozotic 530 I decided that I wanted to wear that and went through my black polishes to see which one I was going to use. That´s when I saw my Nubar Knights Armor and I thought why not?! I mean, it has a black base right. Ok, it has very much silver glitter in it, but I figured it might look cool.

Nubar always has great application and Knights Armor is no exception. I used 2 coats of the black jelly with silver glitter. Then I topped it of with 2 coats of Ozotic 530 from the Elytra collection. It´s the yellow, orange and pink duochrome glitter.

Let´s take a look at the pictures.

In real life you actually see a lot more yellow. You mostly see the orange and pink in the pictures. I´m sorry my first 3 pics are a bit dark, but they are taken in shade because you can see the glitter and duochrome better that way.

So what do you think? Was this layering a good idea or a bit too much? I love it!

Thanks for watching!

dinsdag 27 september 2011

Funky Fingers Melted Popsicle


Well, I was lazy... again! So I decided that the nude mani I did was perfect as a base and I just used one of my untrieds on top of it and done! I just love when it doesn´t take time, haha.

I used 1 coat of Funky Fingers Melted Popsicle, which is a bright purple with some blue and pink shimmer in it. Lovely color! On top of the nude polish 1 coat was enough, but I guess you do need 3 coats when you would wear it on its own.

Here are the pics.

Then I thought: ok, let´s give it something extra. I used a coat of NYX Aqua Glitter. And this is what that looked like.

I think I like NYX Aqua Glitter better on top of a darker shade. Then you can actually see it shift from blue to green.

What do you think of these manis? Quite nice right? I like it.

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Catrice Petit Four As Dessert

Hi ladies!

In my attempt of finding a light taupe or khaki polish that matches my skintone perfectly, I ended up buying my very first nude. Can you believe it? Everytime I look at my hands it just looks kind of strange. Not ugly I guess, just strange.
Catrice has this nude line and I thought if I just bought the darkest in that collection it could be the one for me in terms of a perfect light taupe/khaki color. Well, I'm still not sure yet. I'm still thinking of Orly Country Club Khaki or Nubar Sandstone, but they might just not be what I'm looking for. When I see swatches they look so different on everyone. If it's just the cameras they use or it has to do with their skintone, I have no idea. And then again, is their skintone like mine, hmm, it looks lighter, no this one is definitely darker. Well, these are the kind of thoughts that go through my mind when I look for swatches of the Orly and Nubar. You see why I haven't ordered one of them yet? Well, that's why I decided to try the cheap Catrice first.

Application was actually better than I expected. Although it was a bit sheer, so I had to use 3 coats.

Excuse the horrible cuticles, brrr... Most of the time they look quite bad, but this is just... yikes! In terms of moisturizing nothing really works.

One pic in the sun and one in the shade so you can see how it looks on my skintone.
So ladies, what do you think? Is this perfect for my skintone? Would Country Club Khaki look good on me? Or do you have any other suggestions? Please let me know.

Have a nice day and thanks for stopping by!

zondag 25 september 2011

Kleancolor Holo Chrome


Well, I´ve collected quite a few Kleancolors in the last few months. But I have to say that I still love my first one the most. It was actually an extra in a one of my first swaps. For everyone that likes holo: go get Kleancolor Holo Chrome! It really is awesome. It has so much holo glitter in it, that even in low light you can see it sparkle. Its base color is a purple which leans very much to the lavender side. Pretty!!

To be totally opaque it needs 3 coats, that´s what I did too. But if you have short nails, you can definitely get away with just 2.

Here my favorite Kleancolor: Miss Holo Chrome :P

In my pics it shows up a bit more blue than it actually is, but ok, still pretty. So just imagine this a little more purple. Oh, and my camera just freaked out over the holo glitter, haha.

What´s your favorite Kleancolor? Is it this one too? Or maybe one of the Chunky Holo glitters? Or a metallic? Or maybe something completely different.

Have a great day!

vrijdag 23 september 2011

Funky Fingers Sand and Stilletos swatch

Hi ladies

Today I´ve got a simple and quick swatch for you. I used Sand & Stilletos from Funky Fingers and used a different amount of layers on each nail to show you that you can use it on its own as well as a layer polish.

It has a clear base with lots of silver and holo glitter. The holo glitter is just soooo holo! You can even see it when there´s no sun. So if you like a party on your nails and can´t wait for the sun to finally shine, this is your friend!

Index = 1 coat
Middle = 2 coats
Ring = 3 coats
Pinkie = 4 coats

As you can see 1 coat is enough for layering. And 3 coats is enough for full coverage.

There was no sun when I swatched this, so imagine how sparkly and holo this would be in full sun, amazing!

Thanks for visiting my blog!

woensdag 21 september 2011

Foil duochrome layering experiment

Hello ladies!

Today I´ve got a layering experiment. And it worked out quite well if I may say so.

I was always wondering what happened if you layer 2 duochromes. Are there more colors visible? Or do they mix and give different colors? Well, a little bit of both I guess.

First I used 2 coats of Claire´s Poison Apple and then 2 coats of Orly Space Cadet. The result? A lighter version of Space Cadet, haha. It seems like the purple of Space Cadet and the pink of Poison Apple blended a little and you also you can see some orange from Poison Apple through the gold of Space Cadet. I think it´s pretty awesome.

Sorry for the smudge on my middle finger, ooooppss.

Gorgeous! Well, that´s my opinion. But what do you think? Is it a nice combination or what?

Thanks for stopping by!

maandag 19 september 2011

China Glaze Midtown Magic

Hi ladies!

Today I´ve got one of the new China Glaze polishes from their fall collection. This is a perfect brown polish, I can tell you that. It applies very easily and covered completely in just one coat.
This perfect shade for fall has some very nice glitter in it. In the bottle it looks like gold, but on the nail it seems more pink or red. Anyway, whatever color it is, it really glows.

So, here is the beautiful Midtown Magic. Let´s start with a close up

What do you think? Pretty right? I know there isn´t much love for brown polishes, but I like them very much.

What´s your favorite from the Metro collection? Mine is Skyscraper, eventhough this is a good second.

Thanks for visiting my little space on the internet today!

zaterdag 17 september 2011

BeYu Brilliant Shiraz over Kleancolor Disco Purple


You must have all heard about BeYu Brilliant Shiraz by now, since it´s so close to Clarins 230 aka Unicorn Pee. And OMG, it´s amazing!! Seriously, I can´t believe how awesome it is. One of the ladies from a board I frequently visit got it for me. Thanks again Anke!! I owe you big time!

I have no clue where to buy this pretty polish, besides Douglas here in the Netherlands. There is a slight problem though. It has 2 versions. Why on earth do companies do this? Just name it differently. This one has inci 31 on the bottle, but there´s also a version which has inci 24 and that one is quite boring.
So, ok, when this one showed up I practically ran to the nearest Douglas, but they only had the boring version here. Bummer! Well, thanks to Anke I was lucky to get my hands on it.
Anyway, let´s get back to this beautiful polish. It´s a fuchsia sheer jelly base with this amazing shimmer/glitter like Clarins 230. Oh wow! It shifts from red, to orange and gold and even green. But the green I couldn´t capture on camera, sorry.

For my base I used Kleancolor Disco Purple. This is actually a very pretty polish too, which I should show you on its own soon too. It´s a dark purple with blue glitter. And as you can see in my swatches, the blue is very visible, since you can still even see it through the BeYu Unicorn Pee.

I used 2 coats of Disco Purple and 1 coat of Brilliant Shiraz. Perfect combo in my opinion. Both were very easy to work with.

Ok, so, here we go, droooooooollll.

F*ck... Blogger, why do you keep doing this to me? Yes, they are more amazing than this, but thanks to blogger, they look a little less gorgeous and amazing. Clicking them does help a little though.

What do you guys think? Awesome or what? And I'd like to say thank you to BeYu for making something close to Clarins 230, haha. And not discontinued yet, yay!!

Have a wonderful day!

donderdag 15 september 2011

Zoya Charla vs NYX Sea Of Cortez

Hi ladies!

Remember I showed you NYX Sea Of Cortez? It has been a while, I know, but I remember promising you a comparison with Charla, since they seemed quite close. Well, they are close. The main difference is that Charla is a little more blue than Sea Of Cortez. Also, the NYX is a bit less opaque which gives the gold glitter more chance to shine through and that gives the polish more depth. Trust me, a non-polish-lover wouldn´t see the difference. And I have to say that in my pictures it isn´t that visible either. They are definitely similar enough to make it to my dupe list though.

I used 3 coats on both of them. Definitely prefer the Zoya brush. But the NYX isn´t that difficult to handle.

index and ring = Zoya Charla
middle and pinkie = NYX Sea Of Cortez

You can see the difference between these 2 best in the first 2 pictures. I recommend to enlarge them to see it a bit better.

In my opinion Sea Of Cortez is a little more beautiful. And it´s a very nice cheap alternative for all the other expensive Charla dupes (except for the Essence Choose Me of course, nothing can beat Essence prices).

Which of all the Charla dupes do you prefer?

Thanks for stopping by!

dinsdag 13 september 2011

Orly Androgynie + Essence Make It Golden


Remember I showed you Androgynie about 10 days ago? And remember how I wasn´t that impressed by it? Well, before I removed it, I just wanted to try some layering to see if I could spice it up a little. And I was quite happy with the result!

Essence Make It Golden has a clear base with gold glitter in different sizes and shapes. I love these kind of polishes over a black base!

Have a look.

Quite cool, don´t you think?! I really like the combo! Essence also has a purple glitter like this in their new collection, and a blue and green one that looks like Lippmann Across The Universe when layered over a dark blue.cross

Thanks for visiting me today!!

zondag 11 september 2011

Stamping with Peridot

Hi there!

I must admit that I kind of stole this idea from AmyGrace. Thanks for posting that awesome post!

Since I don´t own a dark green creme and I also don´t own the polish she used for stamping, I decided to use China Glaze Jolly Holly as my base color and Chanel Peridot for the stamping.

In some angles you could see the duochrome of Peridot, but it was hard to capture on camera.

I used 2 thin coats of Jolly Holly, although you could get away with 1 thick coat too.

Since there was no sun that day I also made 1 picture under lamp light.

Of course this isn´t anywhere near as beautiful as AmyGrace´s creation. But I think no one could beat her :D. I just don´t have a great skin like hers, great nail like hers and most important I don´t have her skills in nail painting/clean-up/photography. She´s the best!! Amy Grace, thanks for the inspiration!!

Thanks for watching!

vrijdag 9 september 2011

Comparison: purple polishes with gold shimmer

Hi ladies!

I love doing comparisons! I dislike having dupes though...
Today a comparison with quite a few purple polishes I found in my stash that have a gold shimmer in them. Well, before we start, let me say I´m really happy there are no dupes here. Pfew!

This is what I used:
Index --> Zoya Zara 3 coats
Middle --> NYX Golden Lavender 3 coats
Ring --> Pure Ice Purple Reign 2 coats
Pinkie --> Sephora by OPI Hell To The No 2 coats

As you can see is the NYX more pink than purple, eventhough it really looked purple in the bottle and at swatches I've seen of it. I love how visible the shimmer is in Zara. Somehow I keep forgetting how beautiful she is. And in my memory Hell To The No was much more sparkly. I still really like it though.
Luckily none of the colors look a like.

I've got another 2 purples with gold shimmer: Sally Hansen Arabian Night, which is more bluetoned and Milani Dot Com which is more eggplant, so those 2 didn't fit in this comparison, although they are purples with gold shimmer.

Which of these is your favorite?

Thanks for stopping by!

woensdag 7 september 2011

OPI You Don´t Know Jacques Suede


Ok, first let me start by saying that I will name this polish YDKJ from now on. I mean, come on, who comes up with these way too long names. It´s ridiculous!

I really actually like this one, although I didn´t care much for the regular YDKJ. It was too dark for my skintone I guess. I´m still on the hunt for the perfect taupe for my skintone and I´m guessing Orly Country Club Khaki might be it. But ok, back to this suede beauty.

Easy to apply, but you really have to work fast, because of the quickdry formula. Perfect polish when you´re in a rush. I don´t like the suede finish, but I love how it looks with a coat of topcoat.
I used two coats.

And wow, I can´t believe it, I actually reached 500 followers!! So awesome! Thank you all so much!
For lots of other bloggers 500 seems like a small amount of followers. But I never expected to reach this amount. I can see I´m not nearly as good as other bloggers in taking pics and having flawless skin and cuticles, so that´s why I´m super happy with all the ladies that are interested in what I have to show here. Thanks again!
Have a great day and thanks for visiting!

maandag 5 september 2011

BB Couture Trim and Tassled

Hi there!

For today I`m showing you BB Couture Trim And Tassled. Oh man, what a gorgeous shade!!
It`s a bluetoned jelly purple base with lots of glitter. The glitter is mostly green and blue, but also some holographic glitter. It dried a bit matte, so you definitely do need topcoat. As if I would ever do a mani without, haha. Sometimes I swatch without topcoat, but never a full mani. And eventhough this is a glitter, it doesn`t eat the topcoat, so 1 coat is enough.

Since I nubbinized my nails again (man, they grow fast!) I only used 2 coats of the polish. With longer nails I think a third coat is a must. Drying time was fast!! By the time I was ready to use Fast Forward, it had already completely dried.

So, here we go, the beautiful Trim And Tassled

Blogger dulled my pictures again :S Well, maybe it helps to click the pictures to enlarge. You might be able to see it awesomeness then.
Sorry for the tipwear, I had been waiting 2 full days for the sun to come out and play so I could make nice sunny pics, but by the end of day 2 I had to remove because I had to work the next day. So I made pics under a lamp with tipwear...

Can anyone explain to me what Trim and Tassled means?? Some polishes have odd names, but most of the time I can figure out what it means, but with this one I'm clueless.

Have a wonderful day!

zaterdag 3 september 2011

Orly Androgynie

Hello ladies!

Today I´ve got another polish from the Holiday Soiree collection by Orly. This is the one most people are looking forward to the most. And I must admit I was pretty excited about this one too. Then the bottle came and I wasn´t disappointed at all. It looked so amazing!

Look at all the big glitter in there! And the nice small gold glitter.

Well, I´m afraid that I did get disappointed when I applied it... The amount of glitter just doesn´t get onto the nail. No matter how hard I shook it. In close up you do see the glitter, the gold that is and a very few of the big glitter. But definitely not as much as you would expect from looking at the bottle. And I had the same experience as I have had with other black with glitter I used to own: from a distance it just looks like a plain black... Why oh why?! I was just so hopeful on this one.

Application wasn´t that easy either, opacity is fine though. 2 coats was enough. Maybe a third would have prevented it from tipwear in less than 16 hours...

Here you can see it for yourself.

So, what do you think? Still worth getting or are you gonna pass on this one?

Thanks for stopping by!

donderdag 1 september 2011

Ozotic 513

Hi ladies!

Today I´ve got one of my favorite purple holo polishes for you. This is so great! The holo is so good! I love it! Ok, this have been a visitor of my blog before, but that´s what happens to super cool polishes, they are allowed to come back more often, haha.

I used 2 coats of Ozotic 513. And that´s how you get this rainbow madness. Wow!
Application was smooth and easy.

Let´s take a look

Man, I love Ozotic. I love each and every shade I have of them and that´s probably around 12 or so. Hopefully they will make a green holo some day, I mean a dark/forest green one :D

Have you checked out my Dupe List yet? I made it yesterday and hope this might help you out with your choices.
Enjoy your day!