maandag 31 januari 2011

Orly Rage

Goodmorning ladies!

Todays polish is one I really really like. It´s foil, it´s champagne, it´s Orly Rage.
The color in the bottle looks like rose gold in the bottle, but somehow on me it looks champagne or soft gold. I don´t mind, I like it.

Don´t you just love the caps of Orly bottles? Well, I do. And the application is good on most of them too. Rage was opaque in 2 coats.

Let´s have a look what it looks like on me.

Sparkly champagne on nails! Yay!

Well, don´t have much more to say, so that´s all for now.

Thanks for watching!

zondag 30 januari 2011

$OPI mini bottles, can anyone identify them please?

Hello ladies!

Hopefully you´ll be able to help me out. Recently I received two mini bottles of Sephora by OPI, but I have no idea which ones they are, so maybe one of you ladies can tell me.

Bottle pic

The purple is a creme. Very nice shade! I used 2 coats.

The green one is a metallic. Pretty awesome! I especially like it in artificial light (maybe sunlight too, but there wasn´t any). This is also 2 coats.

This one might be Leaf Him At The Alter, but I´m not sure.

So if anyone recognizes one of the shades, please tell me their names.

Thanks for stopping by!

zaterdag 29 januari 2011

BB Couture Balboa Beach Bunny


Finally, my last BB Couture, I hope you didn´t get bored of them yet. I actually love this color very much. It´s purple with multicolor and some holo glitter in it. NICE!! Application was smooth. I think BB Couture will be in my top 5 of best quality polishes. I used 2 coats for this pretty.

I´m sorry for the blurry pics, but I wanted to show you the glitter, so I didn´t really have a choice since I still don´t own a decent camera.

I wanted an accent finger with more glitttttteeeerrrr. For that I chose Pure Ice Cheatin´, but since it´s in the same color range, it doesn´t really show up as good as I expected. Maybe I should´ve done 2 coats instead of just one. Cheatin´ is a pink and blue glitter in a clear base. Well, have a look.

Cheatin´ is on my ring finger, can you tell?

Well, that´s it for today. Gorgeous purple! But aren´t they all :P

Have a great weekend!

vrijdag 28 januari 2011

BB Couture Widow Maker

Hi ladies!

Today I´m showing you the polish that was missing in my order from Kim imediately sent this too and so I´m able to show it to you now. Widow Maker is a soft grey with a golden shimmer. While applying, the golden shimmer was very visible and I was really like WOW! But when it dried and I put topcoat on, the shimmer was almost gone. No idea if it was the topcoat or that´s just what this polish does when it dries, but that was a bit of a disappointment.

Here are the pictures of 2 coats of BB Couture Widow Maker.

The first is artificial light, second in daylight.

Of course I couldn´t stand it that the golden shimmer was gone, but of course there´s an easy solution for that: CND Gold Sparkle.

And here is the result.

Yes, that´s a bit better, but I´m still not sure about this color...

What do you think of it?

Thanks for watching!

donderdag 27 januari 2011

Sally Hansen Burgundy Orchid


How are you all doing?
Maybe you already discovered it, but I wanted to let you know that I made a page with all the webshops that ship international. This might come in handy for us European girls, but most of them ship within/to the US as well. So take a look, it´s on the top of my blog.

Today we've got another duochrome. Sally Hansen had these gorgeous prisms. Why did they discontinue these beauties? They are awesome! I've got quite a few, but still want 2 of them, but both really HTF unfortunately.

The one I'm showing you today is Burgundy Orchid. This one flashes from purple to magenta. Very nice! In my pictures it looks more like blue, but it really is purple.

I used 2 coats over 1 coat Nubar Noir.

What do you think? Isn't this just awesome?
What's your favorite Sally Hansen Prism?

Thanks for stopping by!

woensdag 26 januari 2011

Tagged again!!

Goodmorning ladies!

I've been tagged by Cheryl from a while ago. Thank you so much!

And here are the rules:
Post about this award and copy the rules. Link the person that had tagged you.

Choose 3 - 5 Blogs you would like to tag and link them too. Leave them a comment on their blog that you've linked them.

Important: This award is for unknown blogs, so don't tag some 3000-Reader-Blogs! :)

1. When and how did you start your love for polish? In 2008 I went on a vacation to Florida. In a mall there was a lady who was showing how Konad works. I bought a set and when I was home I started looking up what other options there were for stamping and stuff. And that's when I found out about all the gorgeous colors that exist.
2. If you could choose to do anything in the world, what would it be? (Eg. Ski in the Swiss alps, fly in a fighter jet, create a unicorn etc.)
Cure cancer.
3. What's your favourite love story?
Dirty Dancing, LOL.

My 4 choices for the blogs I tag: like me, she's a duochrome lover and shows many of them. she sometimes shows you polish that no one else shows, awesome! her blog is quite new and she only did 2 posts so far, but trust me, this lady is just soooo funny! I hope this will give her a few more followers so she'll be inspired to write more. she's got some very gorgeous polishes to show you and does whatever she can to create a new post every day.

Enjoy your day!

dinsdag 25 januari 2011

Hard Candy Mr Wrong

Hello ladies!

Today I've got my only Hard Candy polish to show you. I already did a comparison with Sally Hansen Purple Gala with it, but had not shown you this on it's own yet.

I really love these kind of foil finishes!! Gold and silver small glitter that blends into foil actually.

This is 2 coats of Hard Candy Mr Wrong.

You should really click on the pics to enlarge, that way you see the structure much better.

Application was good. No complaints!

Thanks for watching and have a good day.

maandag 24 januari 2011

Flakies, holo glitter, this one has got it all!


I don´t see a lot of swatches of Sephora by OPI polishes. I wish there would be more, because I have the idea that there are a lot more pretty polishes made by them. Today I´m showing you the one that hasn´t got a name but a number: 212. This one is so freaking awesome!! It has holo glitter and flakies. Say what?!? Yes, that´s right, holo glitter and flakies! The base color is a dark brown shimmer and the flakies are orange.

Bottle pic!

Eventhough this polish is awesome, my pictures need sun to show that. You can see how awesome it is without sun, but not in the pictures unfortunately. So I promise to show this again when the sun is out.

This is 2 coats of Sephora by OPI 212. Application is ok, but I did expect it to be great. But hey, one polish can just not have everything.

A bit blurry to show the glitter and flakies better.

Well, I know my pictures don't do this gorgeous polish justice, but what do you think when you read the discription? Cool, right?!

Enjoy your day!

zondag 23 januari 2011

Sally Hansen Purple Potion + my new Del Sol arrived!!

Hi ladies!

Just recently I discovered they started selling Sally Hansen at Kruidvat, yay! Kruidvat is a drugstore here in the Netherlands that sells Catrice, Rimmel, Essence, Gosh and some other stuff. They already had treatments from SH before, but since a week or 2 they sell SH X-treme wear line. Not like a whole lot, I think I saw about 10 shades, of which 70% was red or pink. Bummer! But they also had Purple Potion, the one I´m showing you today. Looking at the price tag I thought I was getting a heart attack. Ok, ok, that was a bit exaggerated, but I was a bit shocked. The price is 8 euro! Can you believe it? I think these cost around 3 dollars in the US, so you can almost buy 4 of these babies in the US for the same price you can buy 1 here in the Netherlands. Not fair! Well, I did bring Purple Potion home anyway and I´m glad I did! Love that color. Purple with blue flash. Not that I don´t have anything like that, but this is different from others I have. Luckily.

This is 2 coats. Application was good, which I almost always experience with Xtreme Wear from Sally Hansen. Drying time was average.

Gorgeous and vivid purple!!

When I was wearing this the sun was actually shining and at that moment the mail man came with my Del Sol Trick or Treat. I didn´t want to take of Purple Potion right away, but I did know I had to take advantage of the sun, otherwise it might take a long time before I could show you Trick or Treat. Del Sol polishes change color in the sun, so awesome! Most of their shades are frosts, which I don´t really like, but this one is a glitter, yay!
So I removed the polish from my ring fingers and applied Trick or Treat (which was released last Halloween, which won´t be a surprise with a name like this). It is rather sheer, so it needed 3 coats.

Here it is inside

An orange jelly with holo glitter. Pretty cool! It´s actually not a true orange, more of an amber shade I guess.

Then I went outside for pictures, and this is what I saw

It turned into plum/purple. Beautiful! It´s a shame you can not really see the holo glitter, because with that effect it´s even more awesome.

After this I ran inside again to see how fast it changed. Here´s the result.

As you can see, it changes back pretty fast.

All together I have to say I love both polishes. Will absolutely do a full manicure with the Del Sol when we have more sun out.

Thanks for stopping by!

zaterdag 22 januari 2011

Bloom Zooey


Today I´m showing you something else after 3 days of BB Couture. I still have 2 more to go. One is still on the way and the other one I will show soon. But today I´ve got Bloom Zooey for you. Australian polishes rock! This one I got as sort of an extra in a swap and I really like it. I think it´s very close to the silver glitter Milani recently released.

Zooey is a darker silver in I guess some sort of a grey base. Since there is so many glitter in it, I can´t even see the base color. I do know it´s not straight up silver, it´s more between charcoal and silver, but it is very shiny and actually covered in one coat. But to be sure I used an extra coat. It was dark when I applied it and didn´t want to see any surprises the next morning. Bloom is a very nice brand, smooth and all.

Here are the pictures

Why do I have lobster hands in the first picture?
Second picture I did a blurry shot to show how glittery it is.
Do you like it? I think it´s pretty awesome!

Well, that it´s for today. Thanks for watching!

vrijdag 21 januari 2011

BB Couture Eve

Hi ladies!

Another one coat wonder by BB Couture is what I´m showing you today. I just love it when a polish only needs one coat, especially when I´m tired or in a hurry. It also applies like butter and dries pretty quick.

BB Couture Eve is a very nice dark brown shade with bronze shimmer and green microglitter. Awesome!! Unfortunately it is hard to capture that on camera, but it is kind of visible when you click the pictures to enlarge.

You see how my cuticles finally start to look a little better now that it hasn´t been so cold in the last few weeks? Well, ok, not perfect, but they will probably never be, but at least not as horrible as a few weeks ago.

What do you think of this color? And don´t you just love a one coat wonder?

Almost weekend, enjoy it!

donderdag 20 januari 2011

Lippmann Happy Birthday over BB Couture Napa Valley Red

Goodmorning ladies!

Last week I showed you Napa Valley Red by BB Couture. And I also told you I finally got some Lippmann polishes. So I thought it would be nice to use Lippmann Happy Birthday over Napa Valley Red. And it was an awesome combo!! I actually liked Happy Birthday more than I expected. Seeing swatches of it I thought the glitter might be a little too big for my liking. But it´s really not as huge as it seems on some pics.

This is only one coat over Napa Valley Red. I actually think you can wear this glitter on its own, but you do need around 3 coats, or 5 when you don´t want to see any nail anymore.

Happy Birthday is a multicolor glitter in different shapes and sizes. I really think it has the perfect name, it looks very festive!

Wish you all a pleasant day!

woensdag 19 januari 2011

BB Couture Opposites Attract

Hi ladies!

Here´s another one of the polishes I ordered at Overallbeauty during the sale. Looking at swatches I decided I needed this pretty one, since it´s a grey with silver microglitter. And micro it is. Invisible would be the right discription actually... I was so excited about this one in the bottle. And application was great! One coat, yay! And smooth. But where is the glitter?

Well, in the pictures you can see some if you do your best. But in real life I couldn´t see it. Looks like a plain grey creme. Which would have been ok if I did not have a grey creme yet, but of course I do... So, yes, I was dissapointed.

Here are the pics of BB Couture Opposites Attract where you do see a little of the microglitter.

The first picture is most color accurate.

Is it me? Did I do something wrong that I did not get the glitter to show up?

Thanks for stopping by!

dinsdag 18 januari 2011

China Glaze Atlantis over OPI Jade Is The New Black


Last week I remembered all of the sudden that I never showed you China Glaze Atlantis. How could that be? Since I like it very much and have used it more than once.

The thing I remember about Atlantis is that it needs 4 coats not to see any vnl and since I didn´t want to do that (because that also means I will run out of Atlantis too soon), I started with one coat of OPI Jade Is The New Black and than added two coats of Atlantis. Have to say I prefer Atlantis on its own, just because of the color, but I really like this combination too.

Made the pictures a bit blurry to show you the holo glitter extra good. Pretty!

Just for fun, here´s an old picture of me wearing Atlantis.

I really don´t understand anymore why I had my nails in that shape back than... It´s horrific!


maandag 17 januari 2011

Lippmann Wicked Game

Hi guys!

My very first time showing you a Lippmann, yay!! I finally got my hands on some of them thanks to a very nice MUA lady. She got me the Layer Cake set. It consists of 3 mini Lippmann polishes and Wicked Game was one of them. I´m also waiting for the All That Jazz Trio which another MUA lady sent me but hasn´t arrived yet. That one does have the big bottles which I really like.
But for people who would like to try Lippmann first before they buy their expensive bottles, the Layer Cake set is perfect! Three very different shades.

Ok, so today I´m showing you Wicked Game. It is quite sheer. I used 3 coats, but maybe a 4th would have been better. It reminded me of Koh Glamourous Purple, but with a lot better application. Remember when I showed you that? It was horrible. Although I still have the idea it was me to blame, since I know many ladies that love Koh and their application.

Wicked Game is lavender/lilac purple with a green and silver/grey duochrome. Very nice and not too edgy for work.

It is some sort of frost, that´s why it´s a bit streaky, but really hardly visible. I like this shade! But hey, how could I not like it, since I´m a duochrome lover.

Just a few days ago I found out there is a dupe for this pretty, it´s Wet ´n Wild Gray´s Anatomy. I see a lot of bank accounts smiling now. For the price of a full size Lippmann you can buy 8 bottles of the Wet ´n Wild. Unfortunately Wet ´n Wild is not available overhere, but for the US ladies this is good news.

Have a great day!