donderdag 19 april 2012

Hits Apolo and Hera

Hi ladies!

For todays manicure I couldn´t decide which one of my Hits I was going to wear first. So I decided to put both of the holos I got together in one mani.

Hits Hera and Hits Apolo. Both very beautiful shades that are really shiny. Most holos dry slightly matte, but these almost looked like jellies. Very beautiful! Application was good and both needed 2 coats. Which is a good thing, because the bottle is really small, so if they would need 3 coats, the polish would be gone in like 5 manicures. Now I hope I can at least enjoy them 7 times :P

Here are some pics for you guys.

The teal one is Hera and the blue one is Apolo. Unfortunately it wasn´t all that sunny the day I used these 2 pretties, but trust me, they are HOLO!

Which one is your favorite Hits holo?

Thanks for visiting and have a great day!

8 opmerkingen:

  1. Wow, we made almost the same swatches, even each color on same fingernails! =)
    You can check my post out if you want:
    Those two are my only Hits polishes and I looove them too! And I was actualy wearing them like this for a day. =))

  2. I love Apolo! I might have to pick up Hera now too!

  3. So gorgeous, I can't pick a favourite!