maandag 23 april 2012

Up Colors Beijo Na Boca


Recently I placed an order at Llarowe. They have so many great brands that I couldn´t resist. And the shipping fee is not ridiculously high.

One of the polishes I got is from Up Colors and is called Beijo Na Boca. No idea what that means, but ok, not important. It has a sheer jelly pink base with red and green flakies in it. The color shifting in those flakies was stronger than I expected. From swatches I had seen I thought it was mostly green and red what you were seeing. Nice surprise!

I used the black holo from Glitter Gal as I hoped the holo would still be visible after layering the flakies, but unfortunately not... I used 2 coats of Beijo Na Boca.

I still can´t get enough of flakies. They are in my top 3 of favorite polishes. Maybe it´s even my number one, I can´t decide.

Do you like flakies as much as I do?

Thanks for watching!!

6 opmerkingen:

  1. I've never tried flakies. Are they as hard as glitter to remove?

    1. A little less difficult, but still not easy. Just use the soak methode or foil methode and you'll be fine :-)

  2. Love flakies! Correct me if i'm wrong, the name of this pretty polish is in english a kiss on the mouth (french kiss)

    1. Wow, you're good! I have no idea wht it means, don't speak/understand spanish...

  3. Reacties
    1. Thanks! And of course I couldn't help myself, I ordered another one :P I haven't seen many flakies on you yet AmyGrace, and I want to see perfection :D so please, my request to you: use some flakies pretty please?