vrijdag 29 juni 2012

Layla Ceramic Effect 53

Hi ladies

Todays polish unfortunately has no name. Why name the holos, but not the other polishes? I don´t get it. Anyway, it´s a red flakie polish from Layla. The base is a red jelly and the flakes are also mostly red. They do shift to green, yellow and orange in some angles. I used 1 coat of Misa Date Night To The Twilight and 1 coat of Layla Ceramic Effect 53. Application was good on both.

Here´s the result.

Love the combination! They match well together. Although I am curious what it would look like over a nice deep red or something.

Thanks for watching! Enjoy your day!

6 opmerkingen:

  1. It has a name! Only not on the bottle! It's called Killing Red. You can see the names of that series here:

  2. It looks fantastic. And I love the name! Wow!