zaterdag 2 juli 2011

Art de Lautrec 09B

Hi ladies!

Today a brand you haven't seen from me before. I recently picked 3 up at a market, so today is the first one to show. And to be hones, I don't like it...
It's sheer (3 coats and still not even close to opacity), it was awful to apply and the color...yuk. I like the holo glitter in it, but that's about it.
Maybe someday I can make someone else happy with this one, but it's not my kind of polish. Hopefully the other 2 are nicer. I've got a brown with holo glitter and a brown one with flakies. Let's wait and see.

Enjoy your weekend!

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Wow it looks really pretty on your nails, is it a make we know?

  2. Not my first choice of colors, either, but it does look pretty and sparkly.

  3. Too bad you didn't like it. Hopefully the other 2 are better.

    I think it looks cute. Perhaps as a layer over an other polish?