woensdag 13 juli 2011

My new OPI's!!

Hi ladies!

I'm very happy with my new OPI polishes from the Grand Slam collection. So I decided to write a small piece about them.

These pretties were bought on eBay. Always a great way to find nice polishes. And if you search well enough, you don't always have to pay full price. I love a good bargain!

So of course I had to have Grape...Set...Match, since I am a total purple addict as you all know. It's gorgeous!! The second one I got is Your Royal Shine-ness. A silver foil with a hint of gold, which makes it different from your usual silver foil. I love a good foil! And the third one is Spark The Triomphe. It's a silver and soft gold glitter in different sizes. Had not seen anything like this before, a great glitter!!
Swatches will follow soon, I promise.

Thanks for reading and enjoy the pictures!

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