vrijdag 29 juli 2011

Cosmetic Arts All The Trimmings (very pic heavy)

Hi ladies!

I'm so excited that I can finally show you this polish. This is probably the most unique polish in my stash. It's soooo awesome! It's green with some sort of a multichrome glitter in it. The glitter from blue to purple and gold and green. The day I was wearing this I couldn't stop staring at it.

I saw this for the first time I think last november and I fell in love with it, hahaha. Soon I realized it would be almost impossible to get my hands on it. It's sold only in a few cities in the US so I had to choose my swap buddy carefuly. I emailed a lot of MUA ladies, but found out it was a limited edition and it was already sold out. And than, months later, I saw Hannah had it listed to swap. OMG!! How could I have missed that?! I actually swapped with Hannah before and she is just sych an incredibly nice lady! I was so happy!! But then the package got lost in the mail.... F***! And Hannah couldn't buy a new one anymore because it was sold out. Oh no! But as I said before, Hannah is truly too kind, she sent me her bottle. Thanks again Hannah, I owe you big time!

Cosmetic Arts is also from Forsythe Cosmetic Group, just like Color Club, Funky Fingers and Massini/Studio M. Many colors are produced for all the brands, but not All The Trimmings.
Application was no problem and it dried really really fast. It is very sheer. I had to use 4 coats, although 5 would have been better, now there's still vnl. Oh well, I can live with that because the color is so gorgeous. In direct sunlight it's a very sparkly green and in the shade you can see the beautiful multichrome glitter.
Sorry for the long post and lots of pics, but I wanted to share this with you.

Thanks for visiting and enjoy the pics.

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