vrijdag 2 december 2011

China Glaze Glittering Garland + Confetti Ice Ice Baby accent nail

Good day!

Oh man, I think I've got a dark green for you now that I actually love more than Emerald Sparkle. It's a very nice forest green with gold and green shimmer. It's so gorgeous!! Its name is China Glaze Glittering Garland.

I don't know why (well, I do know, but I shouldn't have done it) I layered something over this beauty, it doesn't need anything extra. But ok, I did, trying to get through my untrieds. Confetti Ice Ice Baby is a blue/green duochrome glitter in a clear base. Actually pretty cool! But it just doesn't give the wow effect to this manicure. Oh well, next time I'll use it over something else. It does remind me of NYX Aqua Glitter. Not at all in the bottle, but on the nail.
I only layered it over my ring finger and thumb, so just as an accent nail.

For me Glittering Garland is the winner of the season. What's your favorite holiday shade from this year?

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3 opmerkingen:

  1. Oooh, nice combination on the accent nail.

    I've barely dipped into my holiday polishes, so not sure what will emerge as a favorite. :)

  2. love the colour xx

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