dinsdag 6 december 2011

Misa Say My Name

Hi everyone!

I´d like to start by telling you that a giveaway is coming up very very soon. And it´s a nice one! This time you can choose the colors yourself, so that´s extra special.

Ok, I know, I have shown you todays polish before, but since I think it´s the perfect fall shade, it gets a second chance.

Misa Say My Name is such a vibrant brown shade with a copper shimmer. Perfect brown for sure. Misa´s application is flawless! And very opaque, just 1 coat needed. Well, ok, I only own 2 Misa polishes, but still. You might wonder why I don´t own more Misa´s since I love their application and all. Well, that´s easy, I think their shades are a little boring. Most of them that is. Pretty, but not special.

What´s your favorite brown polish?

Thanks for stopping by!

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