dinsdag 20 december 2011

China Glaze Lorelei´s Tiara

Hello ladies!

Don´t you just love all the collections that came out recently? I really had to take it easy and not order every one of them. But when my sister ordered from Beautyjoint recently, I couldn´t recist and had to have Lorelei´s Tiara from China Glaze. It´s so awesome!

It´s a silver glitter with blue hex glitter. Nice combo! I was still wearing Icing Navy Chrome and since I wasn´t sure how opaque this would be, I decided to layer Lorelei´s Tiara over it. I think this wasn´t necessary at all. In my pictures I only used 1 coat of Lorelei´s Tiara over Navy Chrome. So it would probably opaque in 2 coats when used alone.

Application was fine. The polish was a bit thick though, but that´s normal for a glitter. It dried fast.

So here we go, pretty Lorelei´s Tiara

First 3 pictures were taken in the shade, so you could see the blue glitter better. The last one is in direct light, so you can see how bling bling it is.

What do you think? Beautiful polish, right? I really love it!

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