zondag 12 februari 2012

Zoya Tru & Cloe + blog sale update


Today I want to show you a combi of 2 of my new Zoya´s. Zoya is really one of my favorite brands. And now they even made flakies! Something I really didn´t expect from Zoya.

I used Zoya Tru as a base color. Tru is a grape purple with a copper shimmer, beautiful. It only needs 2 coats because of the creamy texture. Application was great as always with Zoya.

For my accent finger I used Zoya Cloe. It has a pink jelly base, but layered you can´t see that. And it has flakies that shift from orange and gold to green. It als has a few blue flakies. Great flakie!

Gorgeous combination in my opinion! Do you like it too?

A few days I mentioned my huge blog sale. But I found some more polishes that I can miss and that would love a new home. So have a look here to see if there´s anything you like.

Have a great day! And thanks for watching!

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