woensdag 30 november 2011

Color Club Nouveau Vintage


Finally the last one from the Color Club fall collection. And if I may say so, the best one. It´s a sort of olive/burnt gold with bronze and green shimmer. Pretty cool! Well, in sunlight that is. In normal light it just looks like an olive green. Not really special. So if you decide to wear this, make sure it´s a sunny day.

Nice right? I think it´s a great fall shade!

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maandag 28 november 2011

Finger Paints Artist Sapphire + Sally Hansen Ice Queen

Hi there!

When I saw Sally Hansen Ice Queen it looked really interesting in the bottle. Silver glitter + blue hex glitter. Well, I actually underestimated it. It´s quite an awesome layering polish. Besides the silver glitter and blue hex glitter there´s also some holo glitter (not a lot, just a bit) and pink hex glitter.
Now I only needed something to layer it over. So I went through my spreadsheet and saw Finger Paints Artist Sapphire was still untried. I must admit that I wasn´t sure it was untried or I just forgot to mark it as tried. Oh well, who cares :P It´s a nice dark blue.

Application of Artist Sapphire is really nice because of the small brush. And I only needed 1 coat. It did take a little longer than average to dry, but that´s ok.
Ice Queen has a really nice formula for a glitter! I used 2 coats of that. And it´s not gritty like many other glitter polishes.


What do you think of this combo?

I was a bit afraid it would look like China Glaze Lorelei´s Tiara which I have on the way, but after using it I´m quite sure it isn´t. What I´ve seen from Lorelei´s Tiara is that it is a glitter which fully covers the nail, while Ice Queen is definitely only for layering.

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zaterdag 26 november 2011

OPI It`s My Year

Hello ladies!

Today an OPI polish from the Miss Universe collection. Since I love Zoya Faye and Orly Oui and thought It´s My Year was a similar polish but colorwise just right between these two, I really thought I needed this polish. After applying it, it looked kind of the same as Zoya Faye. Bummer! I mean, what´s the use of buying dupes? I didn´t do a comparison yet, so I´m not sure yet, but I will make one soon.

This doesn´t mean I don´t like this one. I really adore these kind of shades. I do prefer Orly Oui though.

Application wise it was good. Dried fast too. I used 2 coats for opacity.

And here we go!

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donderdag 24 november 2011

Models Own Golden Green

Hi ladies!

Today the first one of the Beetlejuice collection by Models Own. Ever since I saw the promo pics, I knew I had to have them all! I must admit that now I have them, I´m not sure I really love all of them, but we´ll see. Maybe when I try them, I like them better than in the bottle.

I decided to start with one of the polishes I had doubts about. And guess what, I really like it! It shifts from golden green to apple green. Nice! Not extremely duochrome, but that´s ok.

Application wise... well, I wasn´t all that satisfied. But maybe it just didn´t like my topcoat. I used my regular China Glaze Fast Forward, but maybe I should try my OPI ds Topcoat next time. Because I really got bubbles and all, which I normally don´t get. Or maybe I should use the Models Own topcoat that was in the set. Any of you tried that one? Is it any good?

Anyway, I was really doubting if I should show you this because of all the bubbles and all, but the color is still really nice. And besides that, you probably see enough perfect manis everywhere on the web. It wouldn´t heart to show that sometimes manis fail miserably.

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dinsdag 22 november 2011

Ozotic 532 the duo/holo in green/teal/blue/purple

Hello ladies!

Today another one of these awesome Ozotic holo/duochromes. I think this might be the prettiest, but I haven´t used 534 yet, so I don´t think I can decide just yet.

Trust me, if you love duochromes and holos, you definitely need one of these polishes.

The one I´m showing you today is the teal, green, blue, purple version. Gorgeous! The main color seems to be teal and it flashes all the other colors when you change the position of your hands.

Well, you´re here for the pictures, right? So here we go.

All of these are taken indoors in lamp light (that´s why they seem a little dark). I tried to capture multiple colors in one picture, but that wasn´t easy. The first one shows best I guess.

I used 1 coat of Zoya Raven and 2 coats of Ozotic 532. Maybe I can try this one on its own too someday, but duochromes are usually a bit sheer and I didn´t want to waste this gorgeous (and expensive) polish. Application was fine.

What´s your opinion about these holo-duochromes? Any favorites?

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zondag 20 november 2011

Ozotic 531 Duo/Holo awesome sauce


OH MY GOD!! This is soooo awesome! I still can´t believe it!

I´m talking about the duochrome/holographic polishes from Ozotic. Today I´m showing you the first one. This is number 531. And guess what, it´s even work-appropriate. How is that possible for such an awesome polish? Well, easy! This one goes wild in the sun. In the shade you just see a duochrome of brown, bronze and gold. Still very pretty, but not too wild for work.

In the sun this really comes alive. Depending on the angle, you´ll see a brown holo, a bronze holo, sometimes nearly dark red holo and a gold holo (both soft and yellow gold). Yay!!

So, I guess you are dying to see pics right? Well, here they are.

GORGEOUS! And I don´t even think this is the best one of the duo/holo polishes.
And it might even look different when I apply it over black. This is just 2 coats on its own. Application was fine. Drying time is average.

What do you think?

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vrijdag 18 november 2011

Color Club Rebel Spirit

Good day!

Todays polish... what can I say. I feel exactly like I felt with Voodoo You Do. Don´t love, don´t hate, but it´s just not special.
Rebel Spirit is a dark brown creme, which covers very well with 2 coats. Not much to say about it. Maybe you love it, maybe you share my opinion or maybe you just totally hate it.

This is almost it for the Back To Boho Collection. Only Nouveau Vintage is left. I know, one is missing, Boho Mojo. But after the first coat, I decided no one was really waiting to see this color on screen. Yuk, it´s ugly! Strange color, horrible finish, brrr. So I´m not showing you that.

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woensdag 16 november 2011

Wet ´n Wild Back Alley Deals


When I was in Miami I visited Walgreens quite a few times and each time there were new displays. The one with these Wet ´n Wild glitter polishes I found on my last day in Miami and decided I needed the purple one. And it´s awesome! It´s purple glitter with larger pink glitter. At first I thought it was red, but it really is pink.

Application wasn´t perfect, but no huge problems. I used 2 coats and that was enough. It dried extremely fast. Of course it just sucked the topcoat right in. It needs at least 2 coats of tc.

I hoped the pictures turned out great, but my camera couldn´t handle all the glitter and shineyness.

Really awesome! I love it!

Do you own any of these new Wet ´n Wild glitters?

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maandag 14 november 2011

BOTTLE SPAM! New Ozotics 531, 532, 534

Hi ladies!

Just some bottle spam for today. But Oh My God! These are the most beautiful, gorgeous, awesome polishes I´ve ever seen! I love duochromes and holos and well, these polishes have the best of both worlds!

I promise to show swatches of them as soon as I can. But you understand I need both time and sun to do it. I do want to show you these the best way I can.

But for now: BOTTLE SPAM!

Oh man, I can´t get over how stunning they are!

Have a great day!

zaterdag 12 november 2011

Color Club Voodoo You Do


Just a few more Back To Boho´s to go :P Hang in there!
For today I chose Voodoo You Do. A difficult color to the describe. Blue/green/grey-ish metallic, or something? Application was good and I used 2 coats. I´m not really loving this color. Don´t know why, but it´s just not that special or something. Oh well, they can not all be winners, right? I do like the name though.

Here are my pics.

Do you like this one? And how would you describe this color?

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donderdag 10 november 2011

Color Club Blue-topia and Kleancolor Chunky Holo Black

Hi guys!

Another Back To Boho polish. And it´s beautiful! And I actually got it opaque in one coat. How´s that possible with a dark blue jelly? Great! Application was really smooth.
Since I hadn´t tried Chunky Holo Black by Kleancolor yet, I thought it was about time! CHB is a very faded black base with duochrome glitter in different sizes. Unique in my stash!

And here are some pictures of Blue-topia on its own.

I changed something on the last pic so you can see it´s not totally opaque. The problem is when you do use a second coat, it gets so dark, it´s almost black and I didn´t want that.
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dinsdag 8 november 2011

L´Oreal Owl´s Night


Today a L´Oreal polish, my first and only one. When I saw this one at Walgreens I was like Ooooh and Aaaah. On the nail it does look different than the bottle.

Owl´s Night is a dark brown color with gold glitter. There was a lot more glitter visible in the bottle than on my nails unfortunately, but still a great fall color.

I used 2 coats and application was fine.

As you can see the look of this polish is different in different angles.

What do you guys think? And what´s you overall opinion about L´Oreal?

Enjoy your day!

zondag 6 november 2011

Color Club Artsy Crafty and Golden Rose 13

Hi ladies!

For today I´m showing you a polish from the Back To Boho fall collection from Color Club. I got this set at Ross. Unfortunately they didn´t have the glitter holiday sets at the Ross I visited. They did have the Foiled collection, but I decided not to buy that.

Artsy Crafty is a dark green creme. We all know I´m not that into cremes, but this one applied nice and I love a good dark green. I used to coats for opacity. Then I applied 1 coat of Golden Rose 13. Nice combo!

Application was very good and the brush on Color Club are very nice. I didn´t even need any clean up.

And here are some pics of Artsy Crafty on its own.

Which one is your favorite from the Back To Boho collection? I think Nouveau Vintage is mine, but I haven´t tried it yet.

Thanks for watching!

vrijdag 4 november 2011

Icing Epic Winning


One of the polishes I was actually searching for in the US was Epic Winning by Icing. Each time I saw a Claire´s I went inside. But non of them sold Icing. I really thought they were like sisters. And I´m still sure of that, but it took like 5 Claire´s before I finally found an Icing store.

Epic Winning is a blue, silver and holo glitter in a clear base. It was difficult to get it opaque. I used 4 coats, although 3 gave almost the effect. Next time I will definitely layer. Drying time and application was good though.

I love it! It´s really pretty! And I´m so happy I found it. I got lots of compliments on this polish too. I don't think I ever got more compliments than on this polish.

What do you think?? Like it?

Thanks for watching!