dinsdag 15 mei 2012

A-England Ascalon

Hello ladies!

A-England makes some of the best holos out there. They aren´t as much in your face as the Layla holos for instance, but in the sun they really are gorgeous. The one I´m showing you today is Ascalon. It´s a charcoal holo with a pink flash in some angles.

What I also like about A-England is that they ship free worldwide. Which means I don´t always have to order large amounts of polish just to justify the shipping. Love that! Wish more companies would do that.

Application was very smooth. I used 2 coats.

If you enlarge the last pic you can actually see some of the pink flash. It´s pretty!

Excuse the tipwear. Can you believe I almost forgot to take pictures of this one? These were taken after 3 days of wear...

What´s your favorite A-England polish? I think my favorite is St George, but I do love all of them.

Have a wonderful day!

zondag 13 mei 2012

Cult Nails Seduction

Hi there!

After missing out on Clairvoyant, I knew I had to have the pretty Cult Nails Seduction. And it´s awesome! Get it while you can!

It has a purple jelly base with multicolor flakes. Nice!!

I used 1 coat of OPI Funky Dunkey and 2 coats of Seduction.

If you are a flakie lover like me you must admit you love this too.
This is really beautiful!

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy your day!

vrijdag 11 mei 2012

Ludurana Supremo


How are you all doing?
Today I´m showing you a holo Ludurana polish. And OMG, this is soooo gorgeous!! It´s a lavender holo. The first pic shows its true color best. This is really in my top 3 favorite holos right now.

It is a bit sheer, so I did use 3 coats. But no application problems at all. To keep the holo as strong as possible I used my OPI DS topcoat instead of a quickdry topcoat.

In the last 2 pics it looks a lot more purple, but it really is lavender and sooo beautiful!

Have a great day and thanks for watching!

donderdag 10 mei 2012

Claire´s Magnetix Blue

Hi ladies!

Sorry for being absent for so long, but sometimes I just can´t find time to blog.

Todays polish is one I wanted for a long time. Well, I actually wanted the Icing one. But then I saw this in the newly opened Claire´s just a few steps from my home and decided it must be the same.

This is just 1 coat. The dark blue is actually leaning much more purple in real life which makes this magnetic polish so cool!

I just wish this picture was a bit better so you can see why I love this so much.

Thanks for stopping by!