maandag 28 februari 2011

Models Own Mixed Up

Hi ladies!

Do you know that search for the perfect black polish with holo or holo glitter?? I´ve had many of those but non of them lived up to my expectations. But finally, I got it!! Most of the blacks with holo or holo glitter I had were just plain black in most lights. That´s not what I wanted. But Models Own Mixed Up does have a great holo glitter that you can also see in low light.

Since it is quite sheer I started with 1 coat of Nubar Noir, my favorite black one coat creme. I applied 2 coats of Mixed Up on top of Noir. It is a bit bumpy, so 2 coats of TC

It´s always difficult to catch holo glitter on camera, so I decided to show you some blurry pics as well.

Here we go

Pretty awesome huh?? It´s not only holo glitter, but also silver glitter. I really like it!!

Thanks for watching and have a great day!

zondag 27 februari 2011

Massini Fast Play over Zoya Cheryl


Last friday I showed you Zoya Cheryl again and I also promised you to show you some nice layering. Well, today is the day. Massini (or some might know the brand better as Studio M) is part of the Forsythe Group that´s also responsible for Funky Fingers and Color Club. Fast Play by Massini is a gold small flakie polish that flashes all kinds of colors. Mostly orange and green, but also blue and pink in some lights. I used 1 coat over 1 coat of Cheryl.

Here are the pictures.

What do you think? Pretty cool huh? I really like this flakie because the base color of the flakies is gold, which is different from most other flakies. The base color of the polish is actually a lavender sheer jelly.

Thanks for stopping by!

zaterdag 26 februari 2011

Comparison between 2 old OPI´s

Hi there!

Today I've got kind of an unusual comparison for you. The 2 of them don't look alike at all in the bottles. But since I swatched them on a nailwheel next to eachother and both over black, they did look quite a lot the same. So that's why I did the comparison.

First a bottle shot

And now on to the comparison.
Index = 3 coats Sugarplum Yum
Middle = 3 coats Merryberry Mauve
Ring = 1 coat Zoya Raven + 1 coat Sugarplum Yum
Pinkie = 1 coat Zoya Raven + 1 coat Merryberry Mauve

As you can see they really do look a lot alike layered over black. Ok, they are really different on their own, of course that was to be expected looking at the bottles.
Merryberry Mauve is some sort of a dusty rose pink and Sugarplum yum is a soft lavender blue with a very strong pink flash/duochrome.
Both are very sheer, that's probably why I layered them on the wheel in the first place. Even after 3 layers you can still see through your nail, although you won't see the vnl.

Thanks for watching!

vrijdag 25 februari 2011

Zoya Cheryl


Hm, I seem to be in some sort of Zoya periode. Well, I guess nobody minds, most ladies out there like Zoya just as much as I do. Today I have Cheryl for you. I know, I know, I´ve shown you this before, but I just love it so much. It´s a really pretty brown shade with a shimmer that´s like fire from within.

So here she is again:

Yes, I finally made my nails short again. Real short. And on short nails Cheryl can easily get away with just 1 coat. And that´s always a plus.

In a few days I´ll show you some nice layering over this beauty. So stay tuned so you won´t miss that.

Enjoy your day!

donderdag 24 februari 2011

Nfu Oh 52 over Orly Royal Navy


A few days ago I showed you Orly Royal Navy. I thought it would be nice to do some flakies, because they are gorgeous over a jelly polish. I pulled out Nfu Oh 52. This actually has a purple jelly base, but because of all the blue/green flakies in it, you don´t really see that. It just looks like a blue jelly once applied.

This is 2 coats of Royal Navy + 1 coat of Nfu Oh 52.

First 2 in artificial light, second 2 in daylight (no sun).

I love this combination!! But I should definitely use Nfu Oh 52 on its own someday.

Till tomorrow!!

woensdag 23 februari 2011

Zoya Gemma

Hi ladies!

Today I have Zoya Gemma for you. And I must say I bought it eventhough I was doubting if this would be a color I'd really like. I don't usually wear strange green colors, but I was drawn to it because of the blue shimmer. I was afraid the blue shimmer wouldn't show up as good as I hoped. Was afraid I would be a bit disappointed like I was with the hidden shimmer in Chanel Paradoxal. But man, was I wrong! In the sun it really shows up and it is beautiful.

Application was perfect. So smooth! It did need 3 coats though, but they dried pretty fast, so no problem.

And here is Gemma

Gorgeous, don't you think? This might actually be my favorite of the latest Zoya collection. And I'm surprised to say that, haha.

Thanks for watching!

dinsdag 22 februari 2011

Zoya Dannii

Hi girls!

Ok, well, what can I say, todays polish isn't as unique as I thought. When I ordered it I was sure this would be in my top 5 of most gorgeous Zoya's, but it's not. It just looks a lot like Zoya Zara. Don't get me wrong, I love Zara, but Dannii is sort of the ugly baby sister or something. It's the same shade of purple, but with a pink shimmer, where Zara has a gold shimmer. Not that I totally dislike Dannii, but it is a bit boring in my opinion. I was hoping for the same sort of sparkle like Mimi, Ivanka and few others Zoya introduced last year.

Coverage and application was good as always.

This is 2 coats of Zoya Dannii

These pictures were taken under a lamp, in just regular daylight it´s more boring.
Well, I would love to know your opinion on Dannii.

Thanks for watching!

maandag 21 februari 2011

Orly Royal Navy


I finally know how to bring out the glitter in Orly Royal Navy. You have to shake it a lot. So when the sun was out yesterday morning I decided to give it another try to make better pictures. By the time I was finished the sun was gone. Sh*t! I still love the color, and it applies very easy. It is a jelly, so you do see some vnl. The color is a gorgeous royal blue with turquoise glitter.

This is 2 coats.

Unfortunately I'm still not satisfied with the pictures. So will do this again some other time. Maybe I should move to a country with more sun :P but I guess buying a good camera will do the trick too, haha.

Enjoy your day!

zondag 20 februari 2011

Holo konadicure

Hello ladies!

Yesterday I showed you a pretty awesome silver holo. Since I really didn't want to take it of just yet and it was still sunny (huray, 2 days of sun in a row!) I decided to do a holo konad thing. So on top of Ozotic 618 (a silver holo) I used Color Club Revvvolution and stamped an image from huge plate A21. These A series imageplates are really big. Not only the size of the imageplate but also the size of the images. This means that even if you have long nails, you don't have to double stamp.

Here's the result.

And because of all the holo you can hardly see the image, haha, so I made a picture for you without direct light.

I think it´s about time I file my nails down again, they are really getting too long, I like them better a bit shorter

Thanks for stopping by!

zaterdag 19 februari 2011

Ozotic 618

Hi ladies!

Today I´m showing you my NOTD from last tuesday. Since there was actually quite a lot of sun that day I decided I needed a holo. I chose Ozotic 618, a silver holo. In my opinion it´s quite close to China Glaze Sexagon, which I don´t own so I can´t compare. It is really holo and of course my camera freaked out. Grrrr! I hate it when that happens. Why can´t I show you the true beauty of most polishes? Well, maybe someday. I think I will ask AmyGrace from The Polish Perfectionist what camera she has, because her pics are always awesome.

This is 3 coats. Application was ok. Drying time, well, medium I guess.

Is it just me or are most holos very dull shades when they are not exposed to light? I don´t think I have a lot of holos that I also like without sunshine. Maybe only 3 or so.

Enjoy your saturday!

vrijdag 18 februari 2011

Konad with China Glaze Admire

Hello ladies!

I realized I hadn´t shown you a konad creation in a while now. And since I recently got the new Essence imageplates I decided to give you some konad today. The stupid thing is that each time I use stamping nail art I get reminded how much I like it. Why don´t I use it more often?? I´ve got lots of images that I have never used.

Well, ok, so finally some konad again, yay! I used China Glaze Admire to do the stamping. Now I can almost hear you thinking: "Isn´t that a pink polish?" And the answer is: yes. I´m still looking for a perfect light purple metallic polish to stamp with, something as pigmented as Romantique and Khrome collection from ChG, but I haven´t found it yet, so for now a light pink will do.
Oh, and I used yesterday´s Eggplant Frost to stamp on.

Well, ok, I´m still not great at stamping. But from a distance you don´t see all my flaws :-)

Till tomorrow!

donderdag 17 februari 2011

Wet ´n Wild Eggplant Frost


Todays polish might actually be close to the new Orly Royal Velvet from their spring line. And SpaRitual Health Wealth and Happiness. But since I don´t own either of them, I can´t do a comparison.

Wet ´n Wild is a very cheap brand and I wish they would be sold here. But there´s always eBay, although they are a lot more expensive on eBay... And you can try, they also sell some Wet ´n Wild polishes.

The brush of Wet ´n Wild is very small, but that´s ok, you can work very precize with a small brush. For Eggplant Frost I used 2 coats for full opacity. It´s a really rich shade. The base color is a red toned purple and it has a blue toned purple flash. Pretty!

With a coat of my favorite TC (China Glaze Fast Forward) it´s even more shiny.

Have a look

What do you think? I really think it´s gorgeous!

Thanks for stopping by!

woensdag 16 februari 2011

Zoya Jules

Hi girls!

The polish I´m showing you today is from the new Zoya collection. You´ve probably seen it on many blogs already, so did I. That was actually why I was kind of surprised when I applied it. I really thought it was more of a soft gold shade, but it's actually a nude or light beige base with gold shimmer. Pretty, but different than expected. This is definitely work appropriate.

There was actually something else I was surprised about. It was opaque in 2 coats, while I expected at least 3 would be necessary. Nice surprise I´d say :-)

Here she is, Miss Jules

Sorry for the sloppy job I did on this one. But there was sun and I really wanted to hurry up to catch good light. So no time to do clean up and I worked faster than I usually do.

Zoya´s application is always nice, well, at least for the ones I´ve got.

So, what is your favorite Zoya of all time? And which one is your favorite from this collection?
I think my all time favorite Zoya is Mimi or maybe Valerie or Cheryl. And from this collection I guess it will be Dannii, although I haven´t even tried it yet, haha.

Have a great day!

dinsdag 15 februari 2011

Claire´s Emerald City

Hello ladies!

Another Claire´s polish today. It´s green and it´s metallic, yay! This polish dried really fast, I was surprised. I didn´t wear this yet, only swatched this. After painting 4 nails, the first one was already dry! So if you´re not fond of always using quick dry topcoat, this is a perfect polish for you.

This is 1 coat of Emerald City

I especially like how it looks in the first picture (artificial light).

That´s all for now, hope to see you back here tomorrow!

maandag 14 februari 2011

Bloom Mena


Happy Valentine´s Day! I don´t have a Valentine´s mani, but I figured you would see enough of them on other blogs today ;-)

I know I´ve shown you this polish before in a comparison, but never on its own. The idea of this polish is pretty awesome, black with holographic glitter. In direct light (and I don´t mean just regular daylight) you can see the holo glitter, but without that you only see a plain black polish. The good thing is that it is opaque in just one coat. But I´m not sure if this is a keeper.

Here are the pictures taken very close to a lamp.

I do think Blogger makes the pictures a bit dull. When I was editting the pics the holo glitter was a lot more visible and now you can hardly see it at all.

Enjoy your day!

zondag 13 februari 2011

Ozotic 50


Another Ozotic today. No one really seems to think it´s worth to show other Ozotics than the multichromes and some holos, but they really do have other nice shades. The one I´m showing you today is actually kind of a duochrome, or maybe just a purple with a flash in another purple color, haha. It is a thin and sheer as the multichromes as well. After the first coat I hardly saw anything on my nail. But after 3 coats it was pretty awesome.

Yes, beautiful!

Thanks for stopping by!

And for my dutch readers: Laatste dag om te bieden, vanavond zal de veiling sluiten om 22:00 uur. Pak je kans!!