zaterdag 21 april 2012

Ebalay swatches: Duochromes!!

Hello dear followers!

Today I´m showing a few swatches of the still very unknown brand Ebalay. This brand has some gorgeous duochromes which I will show you today.

All of them are swatched over 1 coat of Color Club Bewitching. And than 2 coats of the Ebalay. Unfortunately they don´t have names, just numbers.

So here we go. Let´s start with my favorite, Ebalay 005.

The color shifting isn´t that amazing in my pictures, but irl it´s pretty awesome!! It shifts from a deep plum purple to an orange gold and everything in between. Wow!

Next up is  Ebalay 011.

This one shifts purple, teal and many types of blue. Blue/purple is always hard to photograph. Or maybe it´s just me. I´ve had trouble catching the right colors on camera lately, I´m sorry for that.
This one is probably my second favorite, also really pretty.

Third is Ebalay 008

This one shifts goldish green, to orange and pink. Kind of like Space Cadet, but more vibrant. Another awesome shade!

And the last one is one I´ve showed you before, but I think it has to be in this post as well, so here we go, Ebalay 003

This one shifst green, gold and teal. Also very nice!!

They all have a similar finish as Orly Space Cadet and Model´s Own Purple Blue.

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Thanks for stopping by and enjoy your weekend!

These were sent to me for review.

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