maandag 16 juli 2012

Girly Bits Star Spangled


So today I have another Girly Bits polish. This is one of the Indy brands. I have to say I´m not all that impressed about 99% of all Indy polishes. They aren´t all that unique, they all copy each other. Mostly glitter topcoats with huge glitter in all sorts of shapes, not my thing. And last but not least, most of them are overpriced. I understand that producing just a few makes it more expensive, but still. That said, I do like some of them. Especially the 3 Girly Bits that I have :D. Today I´ve got Star Spangled for you. Very pretty!

Star Spangled is a sheer blue with blue, red and silver glitter. I love it!

For my pictures I used 3 coats. Next time I will use it over a dark blue base coat, just to save the polish.

I apologize for the poor clean up. When I put it on it was already starting to get dark and I wanted to catch the last daylight, so I decided to do the clean up later.

So what do you think? Like it, love it or hate it? I love it!

Thanks for stopping by!!

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