dinsdag 10 mei 2011

Gosh Holographic + stamping


So it has been sunny a lot lately, that means: holo!! Today I´m showing you Gosh Holographic with some stamping. I´ve used Holographic before but application was just horrible. I´ve read at a lot of places that Nfu Oh Aquabase or Gosh Fix Base could do the trick. So I finally bought Fix Base. And it was great! Holographich applied like butter. So easy! I used 2 coats.

For the stamping I used Konad Black and an A image plate. These plates have huge full nail images. And somehow it wasn´t too easy to work with. I actually failed miserably at my pinkie. Well, from a distance no one will notice, haha.

Here´s the result.

Pretty nice, right?!

Enjoy your day!

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