maandag 9 mei 2011

Nfu Oh 67 with stamping

Hi ladies!

For todays manicure I was actually planning another gradient mani. Well, I failed miserably, hahaha. I should really learn the sponge technique, that would make it a lot easier to do a nice gradient. But ok, so I removed it and started with something completely different. I was just going through my stash and instead of picking one of my untrieds (which I always try to do) I chose 2 colors I've used before. For the base color I used 2 coats of Nfu Oh 67 which is a foil blue. Very pretty!! It dries fast and applies very easy. For the stamping I used an image plate by Essence and China Glaze Little Drummer Boy. I think these 2 colors match very well.

Here are the pictures

Do you like it? I really like the combination.

The Essence full nail images are large enough for the nail, unlike the first set of Bundle Monster plates. I'm now waiting for the second set of BM plates, I've read they are big enough to cover the whole nail and I've seen some pretty amazing images already, so I'm really excited about them.

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Love this!! I love blue, love foil, love checkers, so can't make me much happier hahah

  2. I love how there is two finishes with this.. well looks liek two from my angle, xD

  3. i NEED that essence plate. i love checkers.
    and not to self promote, but i've just done a gradient tutorial on my blog yesterday! it could help you learn the sponging technique. you can click through my profile and get there.

  4. I love this! The checker pattern is so cool!

  5. What in the?!! CURSES CURSES I wish I knew how people managed to get those full nail designs of the Essence plates to work! I'm really wondering if it was the Essence polish that was the problem for me. If you look back on my blog a few posts I had a serious rant about my issues stamping with the Essence stampy set. I went through TWO entire bottles of the Stampy Polish trying to make it work. The smaller designs are fine but the full nail designs? No way...

    I recently was given a konad box set for my birthday and it worked PERFECTLY, so I was convinced the problem was the Essence plates, until I saw your post! haha

  6. Omg I'm so confused! After seeing this post I went back to my Essence stuff to test:
    I tried the Essence plate with konad stamp / paint - WORKED
    Essence plate, essence paint, Konad stamp - WORKED
    Essence everything - WORKED OMFG WHAT?!!

    Why does it work for me now when it didn't for weeks and tons of polish? The universe is playing a big mean trick on me! hahaha

    I think I owe Essence an apology!