maandag 2 mei 2011

Rimmel Pompous

Hi ladies!

Last week Kruidvat (a drugstore here in the Netherlands) had a 50% off sale on all make-up. Rimmel Pompous has been staring at me for ages, but I thought it was too expensive since I wasn´t totally sure about it and also because I already own so many purple polishes. But for 3,50 I was willing to take the risk :P And guess what. It´s pretty! It´s not awesome, not unique either, but definitely pretty. It´s a purple shimmer with pink and blue microglitter in it.

Application was a bit strange. Not bad, but it dries really fast and you have to work quite fast because of that. And the brush is weird. It´s short and it´s wide. It did work well though.

Ok, a warning before the pictures. My skin looks horrible! I almost decided not to place these pictures. But hey, it´s about the nails and polish.

Unfortunately my camera made the purple look blue, bummer! But it really is purple. You should definitely click the pics, because you can see the glitter in it better that way.

Thanks for stopping by!

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