woensdag 25 mei 2011

Kleancolor Bluebell over Orly Royal Navy

Hi ladies!

Today I've got one of the Kleancolor polishes for you. I decided to layer Bluebell over Orly Royal Navy. Royal Navy is just such a gorgeous shade of blue and if you shake it well enough you also get the turquoise glitter on the nail.

I'm not sure if blogger let's you enlarge the pics, but please try. Because in the close up you can also see the glitter of Royal Navy through the glitter of Bluebell. Gorgeous!

For this manicure I used 1 coat of ridgefiller, 3 coats of Royal Navy and 1 coat Bluebell. You don't see any of the base color of Bluebell because it's so sheer.

Look at the gorgeous multichrome glitter of the Kleancolor. And I totally love the combo!

Thanks for visiting!!

5 opmerkingen:

  1. The glitter is really gorgeous over the blue! Great mani !!

  2. This look great!! I can never find the cool Kleancolor polish its always the same old ones