woensdag 25 mei 2011

My Kleancolors --- very pic heavy


Today I'm showing you all my Kleancolors on a nail wheel. I recently did a swap since I really needed some of the chunky holo polishes ever since I saw the first one at MUA a few weeks ago. They are awesome! But impossible to get when you don't live in the US. Thanks Kristina!!!

Ok, so this post is really pic heavy. But since I'm still making posts with my blogger app on my phone, I'm unable to write between the pics. So first a description.
Edit: I just found out I can't put the pictures in a certain order, sorry.

First bottle shots. After that you'll see nail wheels. From left to right: metallic red, chunky holo purple, chunky holo bluebell, chunky holo scarlet, chunky holo fuchsia, holo chrome, holo orange, holo yellow, leaves jingle.

Nice detail: chunky holo fuchsia has number 230 and layered it might even be close to famous Clarins 230.

As you can see, almost all chunky holos need layering. Well I'll show you some soon.
They do remind me of the Nfu Oh flakies, but the chunky holos are more a multichrome glitter than flakies.

Enjoy the pic overload! And thanks for stopping by!

3 opmerkingen:

  1. I wish I could find these in Canada! These look stunning.

  2. Really, really gorgeous, the blue ones are... *gaaaahhh*!
    One question: how many coats did you apply on nail wheels?