zondag 11 september 2011

Stamping with Peridot

Hi there!

I must admit that I kind of stole this idea from AmyGrace. Thanks for posting that awesome post!

Since I don´t own a dark green creme and I also don´t own the polish she used for stamping, I decided to use China Glaze Jolly Holly as my base color and Chanel Peridot for the stamping.

In some angles you could see the duochrome of Peridot, but it was hard to capture on camera.

I used 2 thin coats of Jolly Holly, although you could get away with 1 thick coat too.

Since there was no sun that day I also made 1 picture under lamp light.

Of course this isn´t anywhere near as beautiful as AmyGrace´s creation. But I think no one could beat her :D. I just don´t have a great skin like hers, great nail like hers and most important I don´t have her skills in nail painting/clean-up/photography. She´s the best!! Amy Grace, thanks for the inspiration!!

Thanks for watching!

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