dinsdag 13 september 2011

Orly Androgynie + Essence Make It Golden


Remember I showed you Androgynie about 10 days ago? And remember how I wasn´t that impressed by it? Well, before I removed it, I just wanted to try some layering to see if I could spice it up a little. And I was quite happy with the result!

Essence Make It Golden has a clear base with gold glitter in different sizes and shapes. I love these kind of polishes over a black base!

Have a look.

Quite cool, don´t you think?! I really like the combo! Essence also has a purple glitter like this in their new collection, and a blue and green one that looks like Lippmann Across The Universe when layered over a dark blue.cross

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  1. This is so awesome! Make it golden is so beautiful!

  2. Thanks all!!

    @ Fashion Footing
    yes, it does look nice for fall, doesn't it