donderdag 15 september 2011

Zoya Charla vs NYX Sea Of Cortez

Hi ladies!

Remember I showed you NYX Sea Of Cortez? It has been a while, I know, but I remember promising you a comparison with Charla, since they seemed quite close. Well, they are close. The main difference is that Charla is a little more blue than Sea Of Cortez. Also, the NYX is a bit less opaque which gives the gold glitter more chance to shine through and that gives the polish more depth. Trust me, a non-polish-lover wouldn´t see the difference. And I have to say that in my pictures it isn´t that visible either. They are definitely similar enough to make it to my dupe list though.

I used 3 coats on both of them. Definitely prefer the Zoya brush. But the NYX isn´t that difficult to handle.

index and ring = Zoya Charla
middle and pinkie = NYX Sea Of Cortez

You can see the difference between these 2 best in the first 2 pictures. I recommend to enlarge them to see it a bit better.

In my opinion Sea Of Cortez is a little more beautiful. And it´s a very nice cheap alternative for all the other expensive Charla dupes (except for the Essence Choose Me of course, nothing can beat Essence prices).

Which of all the Charla dupes do you prefer?

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. REally really similar!!
    Thanks so much for this comparison!

  2. Wow, if you hadn't said they were different, I don't think I would have noticed. Crazy!

  3. Great comparison! I did a comparison post too with Charla. I didn't know about sea of Cortez though! =) It seems like there are many dupes for Charla!

  4. @ rock-or-not
    You're welcome!

    @ Fashion Footing
    LOL, it is difficult to see.

    @ imfeelingnail-venturous
    Yes, Charla has way too many dupes. I would have loved to see something like charla but than in true blue :D

  5. HI I just ran across this post doing a search on the NYX polish...cause I loved how it looked but then saw you doing comparrisons and did my own..cause I don't have the NYX version...but I did suprisinly have the Zoya and the Essence did swatches but then noticed that I had a Orly "Haleys Comet" that was sitting in front of me funny enough and it was looking just like the other two so did a swatch of that too..and all 3 look soooo much the same...really I could not tell the difference at all much...LOL Just thought I would let you know about the Orly one too :)

  6. Thans Kisten D. I already knew that though. But that's ok. I always appreciate comments!