vrijdag 9 september 2011

Comparison: purple polishes with gold shimmer

Hi ladies!

I love doing comparisons! I dislike having dupes though...
Today a comparison with quite a few purple polishes I found in my stash that have a gold shimmer in them. Well, before we start, let me say I´m really happy there are no dupes here. Pfew!

This is what I used:
Index --> Zoya Zara 3 coats
Middle --> NYX Golden Lavender 3 coats
Ring --> Pure Ice Purple Reign 2 coats
Pinkie --> Sephora by OPI Hell To The No 2 coats

As you can see is the NYX more pink than purple, eventhough it really looked purple in the bottle and at swatches I've seen of it. I love how visible the shimmer is in Zara. Somehow I keep forgetting how beautiful she is. And in my memory Hell To The No was much more sparkly. I still really like it though.
Luckily none of the colors look a like.

I've got another 2 purples with gold shimmer: Sally Hansen Arabian Night, which is more bluetoned and Milani Dot Com which is more eggplant, so those 2 didn't fit in this comparison, although they are purples with gold shimmer.

Which of these is your favorite?

Thanks for stopping by!

8 opmerkingen:

  1. different enough ;) and I like Pure Ice Purple Rain the most because it's the warmest of the bunch, making it look great with the golden shimmer

  2. This is a pretty mani, even if it was just intended for comparisons. I love mani's like this :-)

  3. Great comparison, Miranda! Now I know I nééd Zoya Zara in my life. ♥

  4. Living the ring and index finger!

  5. I think Zoya Zara is my favourite! I love how your comparison looks like a gradient mani - very chic!

  6. @ hermetic
    I do think Purple Reign is the best for autumn, very warm indeed!

    @ mrsrexy
    You´re welcome!

    @ Fashion Footing
    Maybe it would have been better in a different order. But yes, it could be a nice mani. Thanks!

    @ AmyGrace
    What? You don´t already have Zara?!?! Go get it girl!! This would look so great on you!

    @ imfeelingnail-venturous
    Thanks, I like them too!

    @ Jaztee
    Thanks so much! But maybe better in a different order.

  7. I LOVE the Sephora by OPI one!! :D

    Purple is my all time favorite color, so all the colors are just fab! :D

    Please take a look at my blog (: