vrijdag 23 september 2011

Funky Fingers Sand and Stilletos swatch

Hi ladies

Today I´ve got a simple and quick swatch for you. I used Sand & Stilletos from Funky Fingers and used a different amount of layers on each nail to show you that you can use it on its own as well as a layer polish.

It has a clear base with lots of silver and holo glitter. The holo glitter is just soooo holo! You can even see it when there´s no sun. So if you like a party on your nails and can´t wait for the sun to finally shine, this is your friend!

Index = 1 coat
Middle = 2 coats
Ring = 3 coats
Pinkie = 4 coats

As you can see 1 coat is enough for layering. And 3 coats is enough for full coverage.

There was no sun when I swatched this, so imagine how sparkly and holo this would be in full sun, amazing!

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3 opmerkingen:

  1. I prefer with all coats!
    This glitter is really cool!

  2. I love all 4 coats but one IS great for layering! Sparkley!

  3. 4 coats is SO great! Would be great for layering too!