maandag 3 oktober 2011

Comparison time! Green shimmer/glitters


Today I´m doing some comparisons with my green shimmer/glitter polishes that seem similar.

Recently I bought the SpaRitual Love Your Planet Duo and also some of the Tony Moly glitters, including the green one, GT04. Looking at them when they arrived I was thinking how they do seem similar to other greens I have. Oops, I did it again? Well, let´s find out.

The first comparison exists of SpaRitual Earth Matters, Zoya Ivanka, NYX Emerald Forest and Tony Moly GT04.
Let´s take a look at the pics first.

Index = SpaRitual Earth Matters 2 coats
Middle = NYX Emerald Forest 3 coats
Ring = Zoya Ivanka 3 coats
Pinkie = Tony Moly GT04 2 coats

Well, as you can see, my new polishes aren´t as close to the older ones as I thought. But the NYX and the Zoya are definitely very close. I would say they are dupes, but the NYX has a very little bit more gold (which of course my camera wouldn´t pick up)
The SpaRitual and Tony Moly have clear bases and only lots of glitter. Earth Matters has small green and gold glitter and needs at least 2 coats of topcoat to make it nice and smooth instead of dull, gritty and not sparkly at all. Tony Moly GT04 has small green and gold glitter and larger green glitter.

I love all 4 of these!

My next comparison is with the other half of the Love Your Planet duo, Greenhouse. I compared it to Zoya Apple. And honestly, their base colors are exactly the same. Different is that Greenhouse has gold shimmer where Apple has gold glitter.

Here they are, 3 coats each, index and ring is Greenhouse and middle and pinkie is Apple.

In this case I definitely prefer Apple. I just love sparkly colors, can´t help it.

So what are your favorites from the ones shown here?

Thanks for stopping by!

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