woensdag 19 oktober 2011

Sephora Deep In Her Eyes

Hello you guys!

A few days ago I showed you bottle spam of a my Sephora haul. Today it´s time for swatch number 2. When I saw this bottle in Sephora, I was like: wow, it´s blue with green glitter, awesome! But the light in Sephora is very misleading. The green glitter is hardly there at all. Maybe when you enlarge the pics you can still see it.

The blue is quite a nice blue though and it dried like crazy. In fact, it dried so fast, I was afraid it would turn out to be a matte polish, but it´s not. It´s not shiny either, but topcoat can always be used, which I didn´t do in these swatches.

I enlarged this for you hoping the green glitter would pop up, but no...

What do you think of this color?

Enjoy your day!

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