zondag 9 oktober 2011

OPI ds Glamour


Yes, it´s time again for my favorite blue nail polish!! This is just stunning! I love it!

OPI ds Glamour is a very hard to find polish which I know lots of ladies would love to own. Prices on eBay are crazy. I was lucky enough to find this on eBay a year and a half for only $10 including shipping. The color is just such a beautiful blue and the holo is gorgeous. Unfortunately topcoat dulls the holo a bit, so I should get the DS topcoat soon. Maybe other recs for a good topcoat that doesn´t dull holos?

I used only 2 coats. And application was flawless. I didn´t need any clean up.

Maybe you should enlarge the pics to get an even better look at this awesome polish.

Soon I´ll show you a comparison with Glitter Gal Marine Blue, which is brighter.

Thanks for stopping by!

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