zaterdag 29 oktober 2011

Milani Blue Lightening


Today the first of my holiday haul: Milani Blue Lightening. It definitely looks like OPI ds Magic (and its dupes). It has that same shade of blue and the slight purple duochrome. This does seem to have more glitter which makes it gorgeous in the sun.

Application was great! I didn´t bring any stuff with me on holiday to do a clean up, but with the small brush and great formula it was really easy to apply it almost perfect. And only 2 coats needed to make it opaque. I didn´t make nail pictures during my vacation, so the pics shown here are after 5 (maybe even 6) days of wear. And I must say: wow! I mean, yes, there is some tipwear, but still no chips at all.

I also tried some layering with another pretty I bought in Miami: Confetti Ice Ice Baby. It´s blue/green duochrome glitter. I should have known that doesn´t really come alive on blue polish...

Well, here are shots of that, but it´s not as awesome as I hoped. Probably on another color it would be awesome.

Another great thing about Blue Lightening: it doesn´t stain. Since I didn´t bring basecoat on my holiday I decided to paint my nails without. And with blue that´s a risk. But when I removed it after all those days, no smurf fingers. Maybe it´s my Zoya Remove+, because I haven´t had any staining since I started using that, but still.

Thanks for watching!

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