maandag 9 januari 2012

And The Winner Is.....

Hi ladies!

As promised, here I am with the results of the piCture pOlish giveaway.

And the winner is: ANUTKA

I already emailed her. Congratulations Anutka!

Also I asked all of the contestents to tell me their 2 favorite piCture pOlish shades. It was just for fun, just out of curiosity. But I made a top 5. Totally not surprised about the outcome, hahaha, especially not number one, which is my favorite too.

So here is the top 5 favorite PP shades of my followers:
1. Festival 24x
2. Denim 16x
3. Razzle Dazzle 12x
4. Jealousy 10x
4. Hypnotic 10x
5. Jade 9x

Have a nice day ladies!

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