zaterdag 7 januari 2012

Hits Specialita


Hope you are all doing well.
Today I need some help from you guys. I really fell in love with a few Hits Specialita polishes. Of course I could order them from Llarowe, but it's quite expensive to get them here. Now I was wondering if any of my nice followers happens to be Brazillian and would like to do a swap with me. Of course I can buy stuff for you like Essence, Catrice, Teeez and more or I can just dive into my collection and find you some pretties.

Here are a few pics of the polishes I love from Hits. I borrowed the pics from Jen the Polishaholic and The Trace Face. Please have a look at their blogs for more lovely pics.

And here's a link to swatches of the gorgeous duochromes.

So if you are or know a brazillian lady that would love to do a swap with me, please let me know.

Thanks for visiting me today!

And remember, just one day left for the piCture pOlish giveaway

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