maandag 23 januari 2012

Requests + some great stuff on the way


In the past few months I´ve promised to make some comparisons. Also I got some requests in the comment box for comparisons and swatches. The thing is, I totally forgot what they were. I used to write it down somewhere, but lately it´s been so busy I totally forgot about lots of things.

So please leave a comment telling me if there´s a swatch or comparison you´d like to see and I will soon show all the requests.

Thank you!

And I really have to tell you I got some great stuff on the way. Some of the new Zoya´s to begin with, but I´m most excited about my A-England polishes that are coming. From their new collection The Legend I ordered St George and Dragon. Yes, that´s right, those are the 2 green holos. Can´t wait to get them and in the meantime let´s hope I´ll get some sun to show the best of the them. Of course I also ordered Tristam and Lady Of The Lake, which I have been wanting for quite some time now. So lots of great stuff is coming my way and of course I´ll show them to you as soon as I can.

Enjoy your day!

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