zaterdag 28 januari 2012

WIC by Herome Marseille + A-England bottle spam

Hello ladies!

Hope you are enjoying your weekend. I know I am. Finally a weekend I´m not working, yay!!

Today I´m showing you a new (at least, I guess it´s new since I never saw it before) shade of the WIC collection by Herome. It´s called Marseille and I saw a few more shades with city names of France.

Marseille is a soft gold base with green, blue and gold glitter in it. Pretty awesome!! I must admit I was mostly impressed when it was still wet and I´m so happy I took a picture of that. It also looks pretty awesome when the sun hits it directly, but other than that it wasn´t what I hoped it would be when I brought it home with me.

Apllication on this one was good. I had never tried WIC before but I really like the brush. Opacity... hmm, I used 3 coats, but it would have been better with 4. The quality was really good! It´s been on my nails for 4 days now and no chips at all. Yes, I have tipwear, but I type a lot, so there´s no polish that would last.

Ok, on to the bottle spam of A England. Eventhough there was sun today I just was to busy with other things so I haven´t swatched them yet. I might just put one on tonight and make some pics under artificial light.

From left to right: Lady Of The Lake, Tristam, St George, Dragon.

Man, they look awesome!! You see the bronze flash in Dragon? And how cool is it that there´s finally a real nice green holo, actually 2 at the same time! Ok, there´s Nubar Reclaim (which is pretty!) and there´s one from Glitter Gal (which is really dark...) bot other than that there aren´t any good green holos. Way to go A-England!!

Thanks for stopping by!!

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