donderdag 5 januari 2012

BB Couture Bonnie

Hi ladies!

I´m a little (a lot) behind on my swatching. I just don´t have time and when I do have a bit of time, the weather is horrible, so making decent pics is impossible. Well, today I´m showing you my latest NOTD, although it was more like Nail Of The Week. I wore this for quite a few days. And only on day 3 it wasn´t too dark to shoot pics. So that´s why there´s quite some tipwear. I should wrap my tips, but I´m lazy, sorry.

Ok, on to this gorgeous polish. I love it! It´s a medium green jelly with green glitter. Sort of a lighter version of the well known China Glaze Emerald Sparkled. The formula is great, the color is stunning and it´s opaque in 2 coats and no staining. Ok, of course I did use a basecoat, but it´s not like some other greens that you get stained nails eventhough you´ve used bc.

Let´s have a look.

As you can see I had a little accident with a knife while slicing some vegitables. Oooops.

Anyway, what do you think? Isn´t Bonnie a beauty?

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