vrijdag 18 november 2011

Color Club Rebel Spirit

Good day!

Todays polish... what can I say. I feel exactly like I felt with Voodoo You Do. Don´t love, don´t hate, but it´s just not special.
Rebel Spirit is a dark brown creme, which covers very well with 2 coats. Not much to say about it. Maybe you love it, maybe you share my opinion or maybe you just totally hate it.

This is almost it for the Back To Boho Collection. Only Nouveau Vintage is left. I know, one is missing, Boho Mojo. But after the first coat, I decided no one was really waiting to see this color on screen. Yuk, it´s ugly! Strange color, horrible finish, brrr. So I´m not showing you that.

Thanks for watching!

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Aw, I think you should show us Boho Mojo. :) It's at least got to be more interesting than this brown creme--like you say, there's nothing wrong with it but nothing exciting either.

  2. I promise Karen, soon!! This is just so plain...