dinsdag 1 november 2011

Models Own Beetlejuice collection

Hello everyone!

This morning at 11 o´clock (well, that was the time here) it finally came online: The Beetlejuice collection by Models Own. From the moment I saw this collection I knew I had to have it. So this morning I logged in on and waited. I was just so afraid that the site would crash, or even worse, it would be sold out by the time I would have a look at the website. Yes, I know, I´m a little crazy. Was doing other things while I was waiting, but kept looking at the clock, haha.

This is the Beetlejuice collection:
I already received a shipping confirmation, but guess what, it can take up to 4 weeks to arrive. Come on! Even when the bottles would swim themselves, they would be here faster. I guess I have to be patient. But still, UK to Netherlands really isn´t that far.

Did you order this today too? Aren´t you just excited? I know I am! Will show swatches as soon as they arrive.

Have a great day!

9 opmerkingen:

  1. I was there too..
    But there was a bug and I got the order this afternoon only )=
    Can't wait to have them!

  2. OMG OMG OMG is very...very...very...
    B E A U T I F U L OW GOD I want all.

  3. I ordered them too, but as I'm in the UK I'm assuming it'll be faster. ModelsOwn shipping in the UK is usually superfast

  4. I wanted to get the box set but they are sold out! hopefully they will get new stock soon x

  5. Ik heb EXACT hetzelfde gedaan als jij: naar die countdown klok gekeken tot het 11 uur was en gehoopt dat ik er nog doorheen kwam. Alsof je kaartjes voor een huge festival of concert bestelt ofzo hahaha. Kan niet wachten tot ze er zijn!!!
    Moest lachen om je opmerking dat ze er zelfs eerder zouden zijn als ze zouden komen zwemmen.

  6. loll, i'm paranoid that it'll be sold out too loll, i ordered mine of asos a few days ago and am waiting for them to come now, i think they are sold out though !

  7. I was teaching all day today, so I locked myself in a classroom during my lunchbreak and went online. I couldn't get my password to work and I opened up a second account just to be able to order the Beetlejuice set! I too was petrified they might sell out before nightfall :-) I didn't think, I didn't even really read anything, I just rammed my order through. I swear it is an absolute miracle I actually ordered the polishes. In my frenzy I could just as easily have ended up with five orange eye pencils or something. And so starts the Big Wait . . . I can safely say I'm obsessed.

  8. @ rock-or-not
    Fortunately you did get the chance to order it later!!

    @ tata-nadaver
    That was exactly my reaction when I first saw the promo pics LOL

    @ Cali369
    Lucky lady!! When I order something here in the Netherlands I get it next day or the day after. When I order on Asos it´s also fast, but Models Own...

    @ Nicole - Top to Toe
    That´s exactly what I was afraid of. I´m keeping my fingers crossed for you!

    @ PolishSis
    Het viel mij inderdaad mee dat de site niet meteen vast liep ofzo. Het ging best vlot. Maar ja, het is toch raar dat het tot 4 weken kan duren? Het zijn onze buren!

    @ nail loopy
    What? I could have pre-ordered it? If I had known that, I would have definitely done that. The stress yesterday, pfff!

    @ Minerva
    LOL, I´m imagening someone behind a computer now, trying to get their password to work. I can almost feel the stress, hahaha

  9. I ordered them too!! But I still haven't gotten a shipping confirmation :S

    Natalie <3