woensdag 2 november 2011

Orly Nite Owl


Today I´ve got for you a polish I consider a perfect nude. It´s a very soft beige with a silver shimmer. So lovely! I have been looking for a color like this for ages. Don´t get me wrong, I love all my hysterical polishes. But sometimes you just can´t wear heavy glitter, vampy purple or bright blue. And in these cases Orly Nite Owl is great!

I used 2 coats, although I thought it really needed 3 coats after I applied the first one. But 2 was enough. Application was good, drying time too.

Since I had a huge smudge on my index finger, I´m only showing you three fingers :D

It´s just very pretty. And work appropriate. Actually, appropriate for just about every situation.

What´s you favorite appropriate-for-anything polish?

Thanks for stopping by!

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