zaterdag 26 november 2011

OPI It`s My Year

Hello ladies!

Today an OPI polish from the Miss Universe collection. Since I love Zoya Faye and Orly Oui and thought It´s My Year was a similar polish but colorwise just right between these two, I really thought I needed this polish. After applying it, it looked kind of the same as Zoya Faye. Bummer! I mean, what´s the use of buying dupes? I didn´t do a comparison yet, so I´m not sure yet, but I will make one soon.

This doesn´t mean I don´t like this one. I really adore these kind of shades. I do prefer Orly Oui though.

Application wise it was good. Dried fast too. I used 2 coats for opacity.

And here we go!

Thank you for watching! Enjoy your day!

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Love the simmer in it. Looks great on you. :)

  2. Yes please, do a comparison with this, Faye and Oui! :)

  3. Great swatches - I don't have any of these colours, but I'm thinking I might get Oui.

  4. Thanks ladies!

    @ Andrea
    I will make a comparison soon, I promise