maandag 28 november 2011

Finger Paints Artist Sapphire + Sally Hansen Ice Queen

Hi there!

When I saw Sally Hansen Ice Queen it looked really interesting in the bottle. Silver glitter + blue hex glitter. Well, I actually underestimated it. It´s quite an awesome layering polish. Besides the silver glitter and blue hex glitter there´s also some holo glitter (not a lot, just a bit) and pink hex glitter.
Now I only needed something to layer it over. So I went through my spreadsheet and saw Finger Paints Artist Sapphire was still untried. I must admit that I wasn´t sure it was untried or I just forgot to mark it as tried. Oh well, who cares :P It´s a nice dark blue.

Application of Artist Sapphire is really nice because of the small brush. And I only needed 1 coat. It did take a little longer than average to dry, but that´s ok.
Ice Queen has a really nice formula for a glitter! I used 2 coats of that. And it´s not gritty like many other glitter polishes.


What do you think of this combo?

I was a bit afraid it would look like China Glaze Lorelei´s Tiara which I have on the way, but after using it I´m quite sure it isn´t. What I´ve seen from Lorelei´s Tiara is that it is a glitter which fully covers the nail, while Ice Queen is definitely only for layering.

Thanks for stopping by!

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