vrijdag 4 november 2011

Icing Epic Winning


One of the polishes I was actually searching for in the US was Epic Winning by Icing. Each time I saw a Claire´s I went inside. But non of them sold Icing. I really thought they were like sisters. And I´m still sure of that, but it took like 5 Claire´s before I finally found an Icing store.

Epic Winning is a blue, silver and holo glitter in a clear base. It was difficult to get it opaque. I used 4 coats, although 3 gave almost the effect. Next time I will definitely layer. Drying time and application was good though.

I love it! It´s really pretty! And I´m so happy I found it. I got lots of compliments on this polish too. I don't think I ever got more compliments than on this polish.

What do you think?? Like it?

Thanks for watching!

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