zondag 20 november 2011

Ozotic 531 Duo/Holo awesome sauce


OH MY GOD!! This is soooo awesome! I still can´t believe it!

I´m talking about the duochrome/holographic polishes from Ozotic. Today I´m showing you the first one. This is number 531. And guess what, it´s even work-appropriate. How is that possible for such an awesome polish? Well, easy! This one goes wild in the sun. In the shade you just see a duochrome of brown, bronze and gold. Still very pretty, but not too wild for work.

In the sun this really comes alive. Depending on the angle, you´ll see a brown holo, a bronze holo, sometimes nearly dark red holo and a gold holo (both soft and yellow gold). Yay!!

So, I guess you are dying to see pics right? Well, here they are.

GORGEOUS! And I don´t even think this is the best one of the duo/holo polishes.
And it might even look different when I apply it over black. This is just 2 coats on its own. Application was fine. Drying time is average.

What do you think?

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  1. Really stunning, I haven't got any of these, but come January when i get some pocket money I'm buying buying buying :-)