donderdag 11 november 2010

Accessorize day 5: Electric Blue


On day 4 I´m bringing you another one with a lot of dupes, and I own all of them. Oops! I seriously have to make choices here. But this is sooo beautiful! I love this shade! It´s a rich vivid blue shade with a slight purple duochrome.

Here´s Electric Blue in 2 coats on its own. And of course it was still raining when I swatched this.

When I did a comparison with OPI ds Magic, Sally Hansen Laser and Orly Lunar Eclipse a few months ago I couldn´t find the purple duochrome. Somehow I did see it this time, but I had a hard time capturing it on camera. Sorry. I really tried.

So here´s the comparison

Index = OPI ds Magic 3 coats
Middle = Accessorize Electric Blue 2 coats
Ring = Orly Lunar Eclipse 3 coats
Pinkie = Sally Hansen Laser 4 coats

They are so close! But in real life you can see slight differences. DS Magic and Lunar Eclipse are definitely dupes. The other two are twin sisters. Electric Blue is slightly darker and Laser slightly lighter. Application wise again Accessorize wins. And the Sally Hansen was the worst, but is probably the best one for layering.

So are you a fan of this great blue as well? I adore it!

Only 3 more to go. Hope you´re not getting tired of it yet.

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Haha, nothing new about that colour! But I agree with you, what a breathtaking shade... Thanks for the comparison!

    I'm not tired of seeing the Accessorize polishes at all.. Bring it on! :D

  2. @ Sylvia
    Dank je wel!

    @ Diana
    Ja he, vind ik ook hoor, maar er moeten er echt minstens 2 weg, haha.

    @ AmyGrace
    You´re welcome! And I´m glad you like all the Accessorizes, 3 more coming up.

  3. I love this color! I have Laser, so I won't be getting the Accessorize version, but I'm definitely not tired of seeing the Accessorize polishes.