maandag 15 november 2010

My favorite webshops

Hi ladies!

A new week and I thought I should write about something else for a change. Well, of course it is still nail polish related. How about I'll tell you a bit more about the shops I order from every once in a while? So just some information that might come in handy.

First up is
They sell quite a lot of brands, most of them are unavailable here in the Netherlands or just at outrageous prices. For instance a bottle of OPI... they cost 14 euro here, which is around 20 dollars. For that amount I can buy 3,5 bottles at Transdesign. Besides OPI they also sell China Glaze, Orly, Misa, Color Club, Amour and some others.
Shipping fee is $20 (they recently raised it from 18 to 20) up to 9 bottles for international shipping. Sometimes you can choose the option for $20 and sometimes you can't and in that case you just put "apply flat rate box please" in the comment box.
Shipping is quite fast. I've received all my orders within 8 days.

Second one is
The owner of this webshop is Carla, a very nice lady who knows how important it is to have a good customer service. She also sells a lot of stuff that you can't buy in the Netherlands like China Glaze, Nubar, Color Club and Zoya. Of course her prices are a little higher than the prices at TD but she has to import the stuff first as well. Besides these brands, she also sells a few very great quick dry topcoats like Poshe, Seche Vite and David.
I usually buy from her if I have a smaller order. Shipping fee is 2 euro up to 3 polishes within the Netherlands. 6,75 for larger orders and special discounts if you spend over 25 or 50 euro. She also ships international but only within the EU, that's 13 euro.

Third one is
This is where I buy most of my Nfu Oh. They are just so much cheaper than all the other ones that sell Nfu Oh. Just have a look at their website to find out. The company is in Estonia. The only downside is that they don't always keep their stock up to date. Sometimes it takes weeks before they refill. But if you can be patient that won't be a problem.
Shipping fee within Europe is 9,20 euro. The list of where they ship to is incomplete at their website, but I think they ship to just about anywhere in the world. To the Netherlands it takes 5 to 12 days usually.

Next one is
I must admit that I've only ordered here once. But I was very satisfied.
They sell Essie, China Glaze, CND, Orly and a few more. Prices are good! Shipping not too high, I paid something like 16 dollars I believe for 6 polishes and 3 files. The only downside is that you can not look up the shipping fee, you'll see it when paypal opens.

Fifth is
This is where I order Zoya. They are on eBay as well. Also other brands available like OPI, Orly, Essie and China Glaze. On the website you can find a list of shipping fees, but for instance 6 bottles to the Netherlands cost 15 dollars. I think that´s reasonable.

The last one is
This is a dutch webshop as well, like nailpolishfashion. Their customer service is also great. Besides brands like Color Club, Diamond Cosmetics, Milani, LA Girl, Misa, China Glaze and even some Ozotic they also sell quite a lot of make-up and nailart like Konad and others.
Unfortunately for you ladies that don´t live in the Netherlands or Belgium, they don´t ship outside these 2 countries. Shipping fee is 6,75.

One thing the first 5 webshops have in common is that they ship international and they accept Paypal, which is my favorite way of paying. It´s safe and quick. I don´t like paying with my credit card, because I don´t want to fill out my credit card number on just any website. Every once in a while I do make an acception, but I definitely prefer Paypal.
Besides the websites stated above I also sometimes order at other websites or eBay if I can´t find what I´m looking for on any of the above.

Have a great week ladies!

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  1. Great post, thanks for sharing all your fave places to buy np. I'm in the UK so am going to check out most of these!

  2. Thanks Cali! I hoped this would be appreciated.