zondag 28 november 2010

Sally Hansen Arabian Night

Hi ladies!

Today I´ve got a polish I recently got in a swap with Virginia. And it´s awesome! Thanks Virginia. This is a shade I could honestly call blurple. It really isn´t blue and it really isn´t purple either. But there is a gold shimmer in it too. Wow! I really like this shade, although from a distance the gold is not that visible unfortunately.

This is 2 coats of Sally Hansen Arabian Night in artificial light.

Yes, this is beautiful! Although the wear is not that good. When I got out of bed the next day, I already had some tipwear. To me that´s not a disaster, since most polishes don´t last longer than 24 hours and then I really want to change again. But for you ladies out there that only change once or twice a week, this might not be the best color. This is my first Sally Hansen Salon polish, and I thought it would be better than the other Sally Hansens, but it´s not.

I really wish we had more access to all these great brands here in the Netherlands. And for the same prices. Recently I found a store that sells a few of the Sally Hansen insta-dry polishes. And when I say a few, I mean 5 shades. But the prices are ridiculous, 10 euro, that´s like 14 dollars, insane! Well, as long as I have you ladies who I can swap with, I´ll be fine.

Enjoy your sunday!

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Hmm, I really like the gold. Shame it's not that visible from a distance

  2. Thanks ladies!

    @ Loqi
    I wish it would be a bit more visible too, but it is still very pretty

  3. I am so glad I hung onto this one when I got rid of so many others during my stash purges in the 90s. Looks good on you!