zondag 21 november 2010

Pastel Skittles


Last week I did my first skittle manicure. In spring we saw a lot of these manicures in pastel colors, but since the sun was shining I was in the mood for something happy, colorful and just like spring, so I made pastel skittles in autumn, haha.

Here´s the picture

Thumb: Models Own Peach Sherbet (3 coats)
Index: Models Own Lemon Meringue (3 coats)
Middle: OPI Hey! Get in Lime! (3 coats)
Ring: Orly Snowcone (2 coats)
Pinkie: Nubar Lavender (1 coat)

I actually bought the Peach Sherbet only to do a skittle mani, there´s no way I could ever wear a color like this on its own, and still in the skittle I don´t really like, haha. Actually, I don´t think I´m a pastel girl at all! Although I do like the colors, but they are just not me or something.

Well, it did turn out lovely! Very sweet! But probably more a combination that I will use on my daughter. But it was definitely nice to have some spring in autumn.

Bye ladies!

2 opmerkingen:

  1. really nice colors!
    but not really my thing,
    I don't like it when I get on every nail a different color!

    I'm going to try this in english!