vrijdag 26 november 2010

Collistar Viola Glitter


How are you all doing? Preparing for the weekend already?
What did you think of the guest post by Manon yesterday? Did you all like it? I definitely did! Manon has agreed to do more guest posts in the future. How great is that?!

Today I want to show you one of my favorite purples. A few months ago I did a comparison with it and it turned out to be a dupe for Milani Totally Cool. So for the ladies who can't get the gorgeous Viola Glitter by Collistar, just get the Milani. The Milani is a little less opaque though and needs 3 coats, while the Collistar is good to go in just 2 coats.

Viola Glitter is a nice blue-toned purple with pink glitter in it. Application is just perfect! The brush is great and the polish is smooth.

You love this as much as I do? Every purple addict should have this!! Or the Milani dupe of course.

Take care,

7 opmerkingen:

  1. this is really pretty. it kind of reminds me of zoya mimi

  2. wowwww hele mooie kleur en schittering!!
    ben normaal niet echt van paars maar deze vind ik echt mooi!!
    alleen mijn vraag waar koop je milani..
    heb wel eens gezocht via ebay...
    maar weinig kleuren!!
    so tell me hihi

  3. @ shortwidenails
    Yes, it looks like it a bit, but has gold shimmer instead of pink. I did a comparison a few months ago.

    @ Renate
    Je kunt ze kopen op Die hebben ook gewoon paypal enzo.

  4. @ shortwidenails
    Here's the comparison:

  5. I like! I like! Do I really have to have it? :) I have all those purples crying for attention already, maybe one day... ;)

  6. This is a gorgeous color! I have a purple obsession

  7. @ Scandalous
    Join the club LOL, I also have a purple obsession. So you definitely came to the right place :-)