donderdag 4 november 2010

China Glaze Drummer Boy + Half Ozotic 506


How are you all doing today?

Recently I received a few from the China Glaze `Tis the Season to be Naughty and Nice collection. I ordered Jolly Holly, Mistletoe Kisses, Sugar Plums, Drummer Boy and the best christmas polish ever: Party Hearty. I mean, seriously, have you ever seen any other nail polish representing christmas more than this one? I´m sure I haven´t.
This collection is pretty nice! Although the gold and silver is not really new, it´s like their Khrome collection.

So of course I wanted to try on right away and chose Drummer Boy since I was wearing something in practically the same shade that day. It´s a navy shimmer, very nice, and opaque in one coat, love that! I do think it´s quite similar to Orly Witch´s Blue which I also have. So I´ll try to make a comparison anytime soon.

After this I used Ozotic 506 for half of the mani. I didn´t use any tape or anything, so excuse me if it´s not completely straight. On my left hand I did the upper triangle and on my right hand I did the lower triangle.

In my attempt to get a good shot of the duochrome in the Ozotic I just forgot somehow that I was supposed to get Drummer Boy good on camera as well... ooooops, sorry.

Ok, I will do some pictures another time of Drummer Boy on its own and a comparison with Orly Witch´s Blue, I promiss!

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!

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